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Hello everyone,

I am not a usual poster so don't laugh at me or give me discredit for just throwing an idea out there. It was just something to try but lets' give it a try. I just want to say the good system creators such as lottolaughs, mazk, raven 62, Win d, emily g, Tenaj , Kola, Clairvoyance, Lotterybraker, lucky, mjwinsmith,Nbey, Laverne Maloney and everyone else I did not mention you all know who you are thanks for giving me the motivation to try things such as all you have. And one day all of us together are going to figure this hard yet still so simple game to master! Thanks again White Bounce

Wisconsin example

1/17 941 evening draw

Take every digit and multiply by 9




and the next night draw was 381 I guess you can see the 81 with first multiplied number and then you get the digit 3 with 36 in second multiplied number the last one really had no merit. But I know this is not a definite answer to everyone's pick 3 win quest solutions but it is just something I got playing with a idea in my head. So I am sorry if this comes off as dumb or not up to the better systems on here. But until next time I try to come up with something else. Everyone as a matter of fact that is on this board is a motivator to me because we are a big lottery family! Peace. Change is making a change!

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Hi, thanks for sharing your method. How often does this work for your state? I did a quick back test with GA mid, it does not work as well. Perhaps one can test with different numbers to multiply to, some state works best with 9, others may work with 6. Another way to look at it is if an even number within the result then that gets multiply with odd number, and vice versa.

This is a good start, we need to further develop it, test it to see which works best.


If 084 ? something falls for midday pick 4 I see how they get that too.Just a test...

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Fashohits thanks for the input. You have the right attitude and approach. Keep poisting--I know that the best ideas sometimes come from new people who are willing to try even what looks silly to others.


Every digit mutiplied by 9

0=0 (or 00)

1=9 (or 09)









All the digits are covered but we are limited to only 10 straight pairs=00, 09 etc...

0r 6 boxed pairs=00-09-18-27-36-45


There is promise in continuing to explore this method...

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In response to fashohits

Hello there  fashohits, thanks for sharing this info. Make sure that you note (month & date) when multiplying by 9 brings a hit. It may happen on or around the same time each month. Then experiment with other multipliers & note when they may bring about hits. 

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In response to fashohits

Many thanks for sharing.  Will backtest Ga. night.

In response to Fibonacci

Or............. you can take each number and box them:    Number drawn 123


2=18                            Numbers 9-1-8-2-7

3=27                             Box the above numbers as singles  (10 --  pick 3 numbers)       

                                  127, 128, 129, 178, 179, 189, 278, 279, 289, 789



Why did you pick the number 9 as the multiplier?


Anyway, good for you.  Keep up the good work.  So many neat simple approches you can come up with analyzing.  I have so many I have come up with myself.

I think you only have half an idea/formula/strategy first step here though.  I think another factor has to be applied to these numbers once you have done the multiplicaton (such as -1 or +1 or a percentage weighting factor) to each number you end up with for example.

On pick 3; I have noticed that winning numbers tend to come from the middle column (of previous draws) in some sort of pattern or order. I've wondered if I was the only one who ever noticed that.

I am positive that a good approach dosent have to be ultra sophisticted and confusing to work.



I think the number 9 is used because it is as large as eaci digit in the Pk3 and Pk4 game can be.


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