NY evening 01/16/09 till 01/31/09

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Keep it alive with these lucky numbers for evening

4118, 4198,4638,3846,6839 3968, 1908 and the sure bet 4847 put something extra on that one for the

rest of january .....

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9449 double double again staying with 4847 and 4198, 4964, 4369, 3894, 4896 4418 9918

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good morning the 4748 has not come in new york for a    very  long time i have been playing it i hope your right because i would like it to come soon, will play a little extra on it today, it way past due i thinks been about 6 years ago since it came. good luck to us

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Hope we hit soon, I,ve liked 4847 for a while now its been close a few times esp.when 4824 and then 8424 also 4148, 8740 came  in boy was i mad I missed it twice bad the same day,but you can only hope it hits soon.Missed the 4118 and 4418 when 4518 hit midday boy its been close for me in Ny....

On my Ny Predictions I had 3679 came out 7936 evening...

Was working all day and missed it man thats bad when you miss your own predicitions...

Won't happen tommorow if i can help it.... 

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hi i felt the same way when those numbers appeared.close but it always misses by one number, story of a gambler, but i won't give up been playing it too long i believe it will come soon will write back when it does, i will be a watching. good luck to us.

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Good luck tonight hope we hit that 4847...4198 1908 4146 4936

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still going with 4847 4589 1310 5706 5336

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going with 4436 4847 hit these doublrd with 36 37 39 pair with 44 55 66

4436  5356  6637

4437  5735  6386

4394  3955  3696

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In response to Rockcity1733

I like this one 3696, thanks for posting RockcityCheers

still going 1105 and 4011,3847Troll

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4634 fell in late night chicago

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Man again off by one digit NY evening 2437 had 4437, 4436, 4847 along with my other losing numbers..

 Another brutal miss..Just can't believe the luck im having...Im hopeing 2009 can show me some love becuase 2008 was bad 2007 was great year for my numbers before I even learned about lottery post,but i hope these post and those similar to mine pays off for us..Keep the hope alive guys thanks for your post..Lets get that Money..

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When it comes to being ONE off, that feeling blows lol.  I was chasing 1105 for months, then 1205 HIT.  The machines are against us, we must go back in time and destroy them, *yawns*Coffee, I will add 4847 to my playing list bro.  Lets win!Approve

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Was playing 1250 around that time and missed again 3793 and 3379  missed by one again came 9379 MadMadCryingMadSmash

the story of our lifes sometimes..keepin the hope alive

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In response to Rockcity1733

this missing bye one s$%# is getting out of control had the 8869 came 8819 wow thats unreal..

Still feeling the 4847 4578 3679 3867 7745 5524 4198 8926 9846 7869

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