What does it mean...

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Okay my mom dreamed about 4 sets of triples, 111, 333, 444 and 666.  She said they were on some kind of board and all the numbers were in 4 separate blocks then there was 1 block with all 4 numbers.  Any suggestions are needed just want to know which way things go with this.  Last time she dreamed about a number it was 5-0-7 and they drew it straight in SC the other day.

Thanks for the help!!


It's telling you to play those numbers for a few days!  Good Luck!

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aside from the triples...every   combo of those numbers is these...

                      134, 136, 146, 346

113, 114, 116, 133, 334, 336, 144, 344, 446, 166, 366, 466                       good luck

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Thanks you guys!!  I just thought it meant something else!  I played them saturday and Yesterday hopefully one will come soon.

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