So, me closing my eyes trying to see the future resulted in a correct "18" call.

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Statistics having failed me, this Saturday (tonight's draw, on the 10th) I turned to plain ol' attempting to see the future.

I had felt the number 18 very strongly, and saw it clearly falling down the tube.  The others were not as clear, and probably because they were wrong.

My entire set was 18-22-35-47-52 with a powerball of 03.

The winning numbers, of course, being 8-10-18-43-56 with a powerball of 09.

Any future sensed numbers for this Saturday's drawing for you guys?

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Im getting flashing 11's when I read your post.  I too seem to see numbers, but only 1 number! lol And it ususally comes up at drawing..usually..but never can see the rest.

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Have you trying "dowsing" with a pendulum? or Automatic writing? seriously? You can find out about it by googling it. For dowsing with a pendulum first cut out each number into some business card size. Put the numbers on each card so if you are doing let's say 5/39 take five then you should have 39 cards each with a number. Make sure you don't use a card stock that is transparent. You want not to be able to see the number when you flip them showing the blank side.  If you are doing it for the Pick 3 then you have to have 3 sets of 0 thru 9. Now place the cards few inches apart, maybe about 2-3 inches. When you dowsing you have to first know which way is "yes" and which way is "no". Once you find this out then you can go through each card and see which ones are the "yes" and that's it. Make sure you are in a quiet place, relaxed and visualize the balls coming out of the tubes.  Make sure that you shuffle the cards so that you don't subconsciencously pick the numbers. With "automatic writing" it's a little different. You have to be in a place that is quiet and also be relaxed. Have a pen or pencil in your hand. Try the hand you write with first. Again you have to ask what is "yes" and what is "no". You have to be patient to feel the pen or pencil moving. Once it does then you can ask for example :

What is the first digit for Pick-3 Midday, What is the second digit for the Pick-3 Midday, What is the third digit for the Pick-3 Midday?

Any way good luck!

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