Scratch Off or Lotto Numbers?

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I'm Interested in seeing who on this Fourm Likes Scrath-Off's Better Or Lotto Number Better.

Also please provide your method of buying tickets such as, Research, Do you pick a lucky number in the box? What $ ammount ticket do you usually purchase? How much money do you spend? And do you have a special way of picking tickets/Checking odd's?

This would be very interesting to see and hear a little bit more about your Luck and Thoughts of the lottery


Thanks, Hope to hear from you!US Flag




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Forgot to note. Please also answer if you think the price matters on the ticket you buy!


-Happy Playing


good luck

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I like both, but tend to be luckier with scratch offs...I just started with the lottery early last month...went and played by b-day and on the second day hit str8. In Dec. I had 5 P3 hits. I also started buying scratchers on a whim.

I have won at least $600 (was not tracking much early on), with at least 4 $100 winners and a few $50, $25, $10, etc. I started playing only $10 tickets and was pretty lucky on them. Bought 2 GA 15th Anniversay ($20) and they were losers. Bought 2 $20 Millionaire Jumbo and won $100 on one, nothing in the other. My mom was here for the holidays and saw a few of my wins, so she wanted to stop on the way to the airport. She bought one Millionaire and won $100. I've tried the Giant Jumbo ($5) because it has good odds, but the wins were only $5 and $10 so I don't play them anymore. I won $100 yesterday on $3 Cashword...never bought it before, but when playing my eve. P3/P4 I had $3 change from the cashier, so just bought one. All in all, I am partial to the $10 tickets - seem to win more $ and more often. I refuse to waste my money on $1/$2 scratchers.  I buy two at a time, once or twice a week...maybe a bit more during the holidays since I was off work and I was spending Margaret's money Green laugh 

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