$1 scratch tickets-Worst Value-1 of every 25-30 tickets wins for me.


I know that $1 scratch tickets are the worst value. The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 4.50 on average means I should get a winner 1 of every 5 tickets but my experience says 1 of every 15 to 25 tickets. The last 2 times I bought scratch tickets I bought 30 tickets and 60 tickets before getting a winner. Both tickets were $1 winners. I bought the tickets at the same time.


Save the $$ u would spend on scratchers and play pick 5 and ohter jackpot games. Cheers

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Back in college I did a test to see how many winning tickets in 50 consecutive $1 tickets. I bought 50 tickets at $1 a piece, basically got 1/2 of the roll. Went home, scratched them all up and got like $10 profit. Pretty bad actually. Later find out that $1 scratchers are the worse to play, sure those that are lucky won the jackpot amount, but usually no more than $1,000.

If you're going to play scratchers go for $5 or more per ticket. Give yourself a chance to win, even at low tier prize it's worth while.

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Despite the fact that $1 are indeed the worst odds in winning, my single biggest winner to date has been on a $1 tic. I hit $5000 (top prize)on a "Fast 50" in the Massachusetts Lottery. Odds were 136,000 to 1. In fact they only print 150 top prizes out of the more than 50 million tickets printed. Talk about a needle in a haystack. Despite that win, I usually stay away from the $1 tix.



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