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Well I am wondering why the CA lottery web site is using a temporary site which doesn't give total results, i.e. winning amounts for 4 & 3 numbers picked correctly on Lotto, and Fantasy 5. Unfortunatly they have been very tight lipped about it, giving out no information, just a lame excuse saying that due to large volume they are using the temp site. I am totally baffaled as to why California can't handle normal daily hits. Does anyone have any insight into this problem?

I am growing more and more concerned with the management of the California Lottery. I recently wrote and asked them to consider increasing the number of draws on Fantasy 5 to 20 draws or more from the current 12. The response I received basically stated that it was to complicated to change the programing from 12 to 20 and besides that, they had to many play slips already printed. Very lame.

Does anyone have any insight concerning CA?



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It's back up Oilwell.


Yeah that was pretty annoying, but in the future if that happens and you want to see total winners and amounts, click on the printable page link. Its in the upper right hand corner. The printable page has all the tables for pick3, pick 4, daily derby and fantasy 5 in addition to SLP and MEGA.


Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it. I still wish I could get them to expand the number of plays at purchase time. Its very annoying to have to drive the twentyfiles miles every 12 days.


Thanks for the update, I see they did finally get it back up. Still no explanation for the downtime.

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