Picks that Follow Today's Midday Numbers

Midday         MiddayEvening
Connecticut4-1-3 023/245/318 
Delaware6-9-3 528/740/813/000-222 
Florida5-7-0 946/168/637 
Georgia8-6-2 715/937/505 
Illinois4-0-2 913/135/307/666-888 
Indiana9-5-2 814/036/406/666-888 
Iowa4-0-2 913/135/118/666-888 
Kentucky3-0-3 292/414/280 
Maryland0-1-5 904/126/497 
Michigan1-1-7 006/228/698 
Missouri8-4-4 337/559/721/967 
New Jersey3-4-3 223/445/310 
New Mexico 
New York3-3-9 228/440/810 
North Carolina8-5-6 745/967/535
Ohio0-0-8 997/119/787 
Pennsylvania9-6-9 858/070/846 
South Carolina1-5-1 004/226/498 
Tennessee4-7-2 613/835/304 
Texas5-4-7 346/568/631 
Tri-State1-3-5 024/246/418/777-999 
Virginia5-9-4 438/650/822 
Washington, D.C.3-0-4 923/145/317 

Feel free to change any number by 1 digit to find the perfect match! Good luck yall!!!




 Draw Date 

 State  Game  Results 
Tue, Jan 6, 2009DelawarePlay 35-1-3
Tue, Jan 6, 2009WisconsinDaily Pick 39-3-7



 Draw Date  State  Game  Results 
Tue, Jan 6, 2009Washington, D.C.Lucky Numbers4-9-0




 Draw Date  State  Game  Results 
Tue, Jan 6, 2009PennsylvaniaDaily Number




 Draw Date  State  Game  Results 
Tue, Jan 6, 2009MichiganDaily 37-7-7


Here is how it works...if you see a number from the "Daily List" hits that your state has already had look for the corresponding follower to come up soon.


Now about that 621 that North Carolina had back to back:















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hey bev...could you tell me as far as allstates goes,what dominant sum should we expect next since the sum of 6 is alive and well


Jonnyb...heyy now!

I really don't do much with sums.  I work with a system that uses one number to follow another number.  Whenever I see a repeat number happen in one state then I go to the system for that state and post.  Using the 621 as an example...I we will have several numbers to fall from that system.  If your state has had any of the numbers in the 621 system listed above then your state should expect the 621 to come soon. 


But insofar as pairs are concerned I have purchased several Quick Picks this week and see a bunch of consecutives and the 08 pair..the 89 pair and the 01/18 pairs.  Those are the numbers that I am working with this week. 


I do expect the 508 to come a few times between now and Sunday.

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In response to BevsPicks2

Thanks Bev!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see your post know NC 'bout to make loco!!!!!!!!!!! they won't drop my 514!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are you playing that number for NY 508

In response to dawnie116

I'm in NC. But the 508 is a good number for any state that has had the 108...621...603...782...737


About Last Night...Here are the results:


 Draw Date  State  Game  Results 
Tue, Jan 6, 2009DelawarePlay 35-1-3
Tue, Jan 6, 2009North CarolinaPick 33-0-7
Tue, Jan 6, 2009WisconsinDaily Pick 39-3-7




 Draw Date  State  Game  Results 
Tue, Jan 6, 2009IllinoisDaily 37-9-4
Tue, Jan 6, 2009IowaPick 37-9-4
Tue, Jan 6, 2009Washington, D.C.Lucky Numbers4-9-0
Tue, Jan 6, 2009Western CanadaPick 30-2-8




 Draw Date  State  Game  Results 
Tue, Jan 6, 2009VirginiaPick 38-1-0




 Draw Date  State  Game  Results 
Tue, Jan 6, 2009New MexicoPick 30-4-0
 Draw Date  State  Game  Results 
Wed, Jan 7, 2009ConnecticutMidday 37-3-0
Wed, Jan 7, 2009FloridaCash 3 Midday0-8-2
Wed, Jan 7, 2009GeorgiaMidday 30-1-8
Wed, Jan 7, 2009IllinoisMidday 35-0-6
Wed, Jan 7, 2009IowaMidday 35-0-6
Wed, Jan 7, 2009KentuckyMidday Pick 30-8-1
Wed, Jan 7, 2009MichiganMidday 39-9-7
Wed, Jan 7, 2009New JerseyMidday Pick 33-5-8
Wed, Jan 7, 2009New YorkMidday Numbers8-5-8, Lucky Sum: 21
Wed, Jan 7, 2009South CarolinaMidday 36-9-7
Wed, Jan 7, 2009VirginiaMidday 30-4-4



Wed, Jan 7, 2009Multi-StateTri-State Pick 3 Midday8-3-1

This is a very nice post!
Thanks for your thoughtfulness!
I hope there is much luck for all!


You are very welcome Cali45a...I'm hoping that somebody is making a lil somethin somethin off this post.


 Okay yall this is the last time that I am going to track this post for a while...I may c ome back this weekend and do an update....feel free to update this topic if your state has a hit fromt he list..Make The Money Yall!!!

Last Nite's Pick 3 Evening Hits-January 7, 2009



 Draw Date  State  Game  Results 
Wed, Jan 7, 2009CaliforniaDaily 36-8-9
Wed, Jan 7, 2009FloridaCash 3 Evening1-3-0
Wed, Jan 7, 2009IdahoPick 30-0-4
Wed, Jan 7, 2009IndianaDaily 30-5-6
Wed, Jan 7, 2009KentuckyPick 39-6-4
Wed, Jan 7, 2009MarylandPick 33-7-3
Wed, Jan 7, 2009OklahomaPick 31-5-7
Wed, Jan 7, 2009PennsylvaniaDaily Number4-3-8
Wed, Jan 7, 2009QuebecLa Quotidienne 38-0-2

Okay...yall...this is the last time...but I just couldn't pass this reply up...straight hits too!



 Draw Date  State  Game  Results 
Thu, Jan 8, 2009ConnecticutMidday 31-2-6
Thu, Jan 8, 2009IllinoisMidday 34-3-6
Thu, Jan 8, 2009IndianaMidday 38-1-3
Thu, Jan 8, 2009IowaMidday 34-3-6
Thu, Jan 8, 2009Multi-StateTri-State Pick 3 Midday0-1-8
Thu, Jan 8, 2009PennsylvaniaMidday Daily Number4-4-1
Thu, Jan 8, 2009TexasPick 3 Day9-7-9, Sum It Up: 25
Thu, Jan 8, 2009VirginiaMidday 31-2-7
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