Note to people using Yahoo e-mail

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Once again, Yahoo is bouncing almost all of our e-mail.  If you have a Yahoo e-mail address and don't get mail from Lottery Post, it's because of your lovely e-mail provider (Yahoo), who is deciding that all of our e-mail is spam.

How to solve this issue?  Don't use Yahoo's e-mail!  Smiley

Google's mail ( is a good alternative, or you can always use the e-mail that comes with your ISP's Internet service.

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Thanks for the info Todd.

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Razz @ Gmail & google in general


had the same hotmail account for 11 years without a problem

and neverhad any issues with getting any forum mail nore newsletters

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In response to LiLSpeedy

HOW can we get CHANGE???

HOW do we like>>"change"??


PUR "people" never change!!!!!

dae live on O'bama & pray'r!

O'bama live on MOE-"money"

(Lottery Post member's.........depend on TODD!!!!!!!!!!!)

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In response to hearsetrax

That's true, Hotmail is a good alt too, although they did give me problems at one point.  I like how Hotmail is always integrated with Microsoft's tools, like Live Mail, an excellent e-mail software app.

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I have always used Gmail, was a beta tester before it went public and have never had any problems with it. I would recommend staying with Gmail in all instances.

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I run an office pool and recently ran into an email problem.  The name of the pool is "MOOLAH" and recently starting bouncing any emails that had "MOOLAH" in the subject.  I had to change the subjects to "POOL" and it upset some of my users who had email rules to route mail to certain folders.

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In response to mrmst

Yes, Comcast can be a real pain in the butt.  Occasionally they decide that Lottery Post's e-mail is spam.  I guess because it has the word "lottery" in it.  Duh. 

If a company is going to be aggressive against spam, I guess I can't fault them for that, but they are also completely non-responsive to anyone tryng to get legitimate e-mail through, and that is unforgiveable.  If they're going to ban anything close to "suspicious", then they owe it to their customers to over-compensate with responsiveness.

The same goes for Yahoo, because they rarely respond with anything useful.  Very difficult to work with.

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cartmancop"Yahoo needs to respect Lotteryposts' authoriThai!"

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In response to jarasan

well the last known running gag was the fact that yahoo was to be absorbed by ethier Google or MSN.....

so if any one that still does yahoo ought to make plans to abandon yahoo asap last week !!!!

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