Painful time coming up


On Thursday, it will mark the anniversary of the most painful day of my life.  The day that I watched my Mom take her final breath and I said goodbye to her forever.

She died on the 8th of January 2005 at 1:08 pm.  She was 49 when she died and had she lived she would have been 53.  Two numbers that are in the workout and that I am playing for her are 489 and 853. 

Hope that if you play it, that it will bring you some cash.  Good luck to all.


Happy New Years girlie,hope this year brings you much love and happiness to you and your sons.Be blessed and encouraged.



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Happy New years to you too friend!!!!!!!! and ditto to u!!!!

Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate that.

Let me also add 108 as a possible number. died 1/8 at 1:08 pm in the 4 ball 0108.


108 and 0108 going with them today.  don't forget 853.  Something is telling me to play numbers related to my mother's children.  273,673, 687, 621, 369 and 169

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Morning Baleslady!! be encourage today and note that god is with you,

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Good Day Baleslady 
I had been playing the 853 as a pet number of mine and it finally came to North Carolina on Saturday.
Remain Blessed as well as Encouraged!!!

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thanks alot.  glad you got it.

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