Midday QP's


  796 965 and 889  I like 178 and 219 if we have a repeater if not 881 some form or fashion my favorite of course is     



796 was one of my Midday QP's and I thought about playing it on the evening but ended up playing 169 instead always follow  your  first thought.  I knew the 796 had came after 013.

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In response to MrMcQ

I feel ya MrMcQ.  One of my midday QP's was 967 and I did not play it back.  I went with 469/946 instead.Bang Head

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You are absolutely right. We are all in the same boat. I played it 796 straight boxed for the mid day and forgot to run it back for the eve myself... I still have my tx and cant stop looking at it. LOL... We'll get em one day this week folks. Let's stay focused......Cool

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