Post your Christmas Wishes here!!

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I just want to wish everyone here on LP a safe and wonderful Christmas!

I heard that it was better to give than to receive. What are your thoughts?

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Here's my gift to you!

572  380 652 229


I wish for infinite wishes LoL


But seriously I wish sombody would kill all the corrupt Wall Street thieves.

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I hate to sound like Rodney King, but I just wish everyone would get along!  Lovies

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I wish for 917 to come to CT tonight   and 981 to come to GA tonightGuitar

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I wish my sister to win a huge jackpot because I know I'd be getting a lot of money..........I hope...:)

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Peace on earth and an end to world hunger. (Hey, it's a wish!)

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Since some of us are still in the Christmastide spirit, and this post is for THE FIRST SATURDAY AFTERCHRISTMAS DAY, December 26, I am wishing everyone good health; long lasting friendships or relationships with your significant other; peace toward one another; patience; and lastly, if you win the MM or PB this year, a  prosperious financial new year because if you think you don't deserve winning, you do.

Blessings and Peace for 2009!

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