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Do You Play The UK National Lottery? You can still play the UK National Lottery by subscription even if you are overseas. However, you will need a UK address. If you wish to pay monthly by direct debit you will need a UK bank account. If you do participate in the lottery, you will be assisting the London 2012 Olympics and many British athletes. And at the end of the day, you may strike it rich. Either way, society wins!




£2.2bn of National Lottery funds are helping to create the facilities to host the Games, providing a long lasting legacy for the people of east London and the wider UK. The Lottery will share in the profits made from land and property sales in the future.

As well as part funding the venues and infrastructure to required to host the Games, the National Lottery is also playing a key role in funding work that will lead to increased participation in sport at a community and grassroots level and deliver improved community services and facilities.

This funding sits alongside other programmes designed to support our leading Olympic and Paralympic athletes in their mission to win medals at the world's greatest sporting event.

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I'll stick to the homeland lotteries.

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Don't forget all the good causes that the UK lottery revenue supports. As I say, society wins!


National Lottery players have raised over £22 billion for Good Causes

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12% of lottery sales goes to the UK Treasury in Lottery Duty, this tax has raised billions for the UK Treasury; benefiting UK taxpayers.

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THE UK National Lottery - Where does the money go?


  • 50% is paid to winners in prizes;
  • 28% is given to Good causes;
  • 12% goes to the Government in Lottery duty;
  • 5% is paid to National Lottery retailers on all National Lottery tickets sold; and
  • 5% is retained by the operator to meet costs and return to shareholders.
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