How much do you risk to win?

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How much do you spend per play? The total cost of lotto purchase before the next result.

There are stories of people spending more than $100 befre the next result, and of course there are many only spending $1 per game, like the mega million/powerball.


good question, I  am currently trying to dtermine the most comfortable and most efficient amount to spend per play.  Some good amount that I could repeat t least every week or two.


Usually I would spend 50 cents or $1 per play, except 25 cents in cash 5.  But I think a better way for me might just be to play one to four any order numbers for about $6 each

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BobP at Lotto Logix said you play more numbers and your chances of them being on the same line go down dramatically. I used to put all the numbers in play in Texas Lotto, 54 numbers on 9 lines. So while I captured all the numbers, I rarely got even 3 on one line. And when I did, I won a whole 3 dollars, which really meant I lost 6. Now I play 2 - 3 lines and try to pick the right numbers, so I'm not losing a bundle.

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I usually stick with playing $2 - $6 a game and my focus is on games that run two days a week. Wild Card 2, Hot Lotto and Powerball.

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Definitely $1-$5, unless I'm buying tickets for PB, Classic Lotto and Cash 5 on the same day.  Still no more than $10, unless i happened to have a $30 or so winner on hand.


I play around $5, but I get too obsessed in winning so I play $10 for PowerBall so I play about $20 a week.....hope this pays off soon!Bang Head

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most I've ever spent on megamillions is $5 .... but 98% of the time I spend $2

all it takes is a $1 and a dream or so I keep telling my self

got the dream ... just need the winning ticket Roll Eyes


Most I ever spent in one day was $10 by accident, in a week was $15.  I haven't played in about 5 months.  If I got the odds to where I wanted them in every game I could possible play $20-30 per day because at min my return would be $80. 


$2 per play on Powerball.$1 per play on MegaMillions.I'd play $2 on MegaMillions if they had a Megaplier,but they don't.

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I still play my standard 10 line pattern at $1 a piece for $10 California SLP.

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The most I spend on one game is $5 for the Florida Lotto.  I spend $2 or $3 on Fantasy 5.   What I spend is sometimes based on what I win.  If I win $100, for example, I might take $20 of it and "reinvest" it in lottery tickets, but not on one game.

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Misread the question so far as - How much do you risk per ticket per play... My Fault - Answered $10 - $20 because of $10 and $20 scratchers, but as for "Per Play" my vote would have to go towards $100 - $1000... Somewhere in there, Pogo

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In response to diamondpalace


over-all-$50-is avg 4 pick 3-4 !!

would notnnott like 2 quote jp !!

most PEOPLE KNOW WHO IS "stupid"!

ON d lottery post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<!!








thank'$$$$$$$$ 2 ALL MY FRIEND's



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it only takes one dollar to win, but winning would feel so much better with one hundred.

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The Ohio 15 were kicking in a dollar per draw twice a week for a few years until they hit. Thats 104 bucks per year each. There is no guarantee you'll win, also no guarantee you'll win if you were to spend more money.( odds are too damn high) But in the three digit game the odds are much more realistic, and if it's your objective to win fifty thousand by the end of the year it can be done with well timed ten ticket for seven day ticket plays. You'll have to bet 420 or 840 otherwise you'll forever be spinning your wheels on the ice of medocrity.

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