Hall of Fame?

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Todd, what about having a "Hall of Fame" of sorts? Could be broken down different ways of course. I realize that some of this info could be gleaned in othe ways (like from the prediction board). But what about having a listing of the "Top 25, 50, and 100 posters", as well as a daily Hall of Fame for your Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners based on that days prediction statistics instead of monthly or yearly statistics only? Not sure if this was clear or not, but just a suggestion for a little fun.

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I generally try to keep away from anything else based on quantity of posts, but I do like your short-term hall of fame idea for prediction accuracy.  Thanks!

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Thanks Todd, that's the main thing I was referring to. Something like a special page we could go to that would show, based on the most recent days activity, the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners based on prize/hit ratio's. Maybe something that would show them in Olympic-style format with Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophy cups or similar. This would not only reward those who do a good job, but it would also be motivation for more people to actually post their predictions, and would be more immediate feedback on our statistics.

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