Could there be a reason people that win jackpots have 1 play on a ticket?


Instead of say buying 5 random plays on the same ticket.

It seems that the winning ticket always has one set of numbers on it?


Could playing more than 1 set of numbers on a ticket reduce your chances of winning?


Or could it be a coincidence because people buy only 1 play?

Avatar is RAREY if ever a guy that bought 100 tickets. ALWAYS someone that buys just 1 ticket.  I wonder if there is a reason for that as well.

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Can you think of a reason that playing 2 to 5 combinations would somehow make you less likely to win than only playing 1?

Winners are often people who bought 2 to 5 tickets. Once in a while it's somebody who bought 20, 50 or 100 tickets. Winners who only played 1 ticket may be the most common, but it's not always somebosy with just 1. Did you ever think it could be as simple as most people buying 1 or 2 tickets, a few people buying 5 to 10, and only a very few stupid enough to spend $50 to $100 on a regular basis?

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How about because most people that buy a ticket buy it on a whim ?

You stop in, buy 2 packs of smokes, hand them a 10, smokes are 8.50 total, so you have 1.50 coming back, ah what the heck - gimme one quick-pick. Sound familiar ?

You put gas in your car, it comes to 18.75, you hand them a 20, and splurge the 1.25 coming back - 1.00 to one quick-pick ?   THAT sound familiar ?

The facts are, one-hitters dwarf those that buy more than 5 tickets.

That's your answer.

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In response to JWBlue

I always wondered the same thing.  I doubt theres any real secret to buying singles or multiples.  Just luck I guess.  But I read a lot winning stories/news when ever I see one and I don't seem to see a lot of information as to how much they spent.  I mean I know they have said on lots of occasions, but just when I read up on them they usually say " they bought their winning ticket at" but never "they spent $10 on a QP.

Have a lot of jack pot winners been single tickets?


Also,  agree......most singles purchased are probably more then most..spending change at the store.  I know when i go to the store and get say $1.56 in change..I buy a $1.00 scratcher.  Never win anything, but thats what I buy.  But I would assume that a lot of people buy something knowing they would at least have a dollar change and decide to just grab a ticket.

In response to KY Floyd

I can't think of a reason.  That is why I started this thread.

I am just wondering if it has something to do with the machines that create thes random numbers.  For whaterver reason, I was wondering if buying 5 tickets instead of 1 somehow effects the numbers given by the machine.

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In response to JWBlue

Where are you getting this information?  There are many articles about winners, but I don't recall reading "he only played the one line."   Example:

Where does it say he bought 10 separate tickets?   It says he won on the sixth in a set of ten. 

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Long time reader, barely ever post.

Over the summer, two people in my town won the mega millions. One for 250,000 . One for 10,000. I personally know the gentelman that won the 10,000. He'd spend 100 dollars at the gas station across from my house  every tuesday and friday for well over a year before he even hit anything .

The gentelman who won the 250,000 , got a quick pick on the way out of the supermarket. So now, when I buy quick picks, I stagger them, by ordering them one at a time. Because I feel a ticket of ten quick picks can only have 1 winner on it,  your better off staggering the tickets, so the machine thinks its spitting out ten seperate quick picks. I also do that when I buy multiple pick 3 tickets, because I think the lotto dosent want someone running around with 20.00 straight and box tax free :-D

Just my two cents

edit: i guess since im new i cant post links. the NJ lotto website has a history of winners. zip code 07002 . Alot of people win in my town

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I had a clerk tell me she thought it was better for me to buy 5 separate tickets than buy with 5 lines on one ticket. Must be something to it. I have not won that way yet but I will keep trying.

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In response to JWBlue

I'm talking about buying more tickets, regardless of how you do it. If you can't think of a reason that a single chance to win would somehow make you more likely to win than having multiple chances, maybe it's because there is no reason. If 2% of tickets are sold to people named  Fred, you should expect 2% of winners to be named Fred. If 80% of tickets are sold to people who only buy 1 ticket, you should expect that 80% of winners will be people who bought one ticket.

The numbers you get, regardless of how they're chosen has nothing to do with your chances of winning. The only thing that determines that is the numbers that are drawn as the winning numbers. The chance of those numbers matching yours is directly related to how many sets of numbers you have.

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In response to tweak

"I feel a ticket of ten quick picks can only have 1 winner on it,  yourbetter off staggering the tickets, so the machine thinks its spittingout ten seperate quick picks"

A lot of people say that QP's often repeat numbers. Other than having 3 of 6 on two plays, where none of the 3 are the same, the only way to have multiple wins is by repeating some of the same numbers. It doesn't matter whether that's done on 1 ticket with 5 to 10 plays, or separate tickets.

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I could agree with you on that, i bought a 3$ worth of QP's on one single  ticket and most of the numbers were all the same only one or two were really different.   Thats why i perfer to choose my own numbers.... but yea i have heard of many people just stoping in and getting some gas or whatever as well as getting one ticket from a gut feeling and winning the jackpot.

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In response to tweak

tweak says:

"you're better off staggering the tickets, so the machine thinksit's splitting out ten separate tickets"


Do machines think?  Computers aren't human and, unless a human programs one to discriminate by selecting or eliminating certain combinations, the numbers it spits out are random.  Sure, many of us old folks saw 2001 & Lost in Space, but machines have no emotion, no prejudice & only discriminate if given instructions to do so.

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In response to tweak

" The lotto doesn't want someone running around with 20.00 straight and box tax free. ????? Why not?? They are accepting the wagers for all 1000 combinations. What they do have in place is a liability limit which limits the amount of money thats paid out. It's usually five million, unless you live in New Jersey which pays out on a pari-mutual basis. So if you play the number in a state with the liability you could bet 10.000 dollars straight before the combo would be sold out,and collect 5 million if you hit, whereas in  a pari-mutual state theres no limit to how much you can bet but if the amount bet exceeds the average threshold the payoff per ticket will decrease. It's just paranoia to think that the lottery is some god like entity that monitors it's betting action and decides when, where, and who gets to win. Another thing about your post Tweak is your assuming that jackpots are only won by quick-picks (of which there is no preset criteria as to whether the winning combination is seperate or multiple) If I select the winning numbers I win whether it's a single or one of five lines or ten. Quick Pick combinations are sold prior to the drawing if the drawn numbers match the ticket they win whether it was a single or multiple play. I think your letting coincidence dictate the final outcome. Keep posting the lotto genusises here will answer all your questions.

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To answer the question posed in the OP, maybe it's as simple as the average sale is $1.

Just a guess, maybe one of the LP members who works in a store that sells tickets can let us know.

While that is probably not the case for LP members, I know the outlets around here that sell the most tickets have the clerks ask everyone if they want a lotto ticket and most often the ones that say yes play for $1 (convenience stores, not grocery stores. The grocery stores have a lot of other stuff going on where they sell lotto).

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