just a question about pick-6 software and hi to all :)


hi i just registered here in the forums so hello to all the members here. :)

i have a question hope someone will be able to help. im thinking of ordering a pick-6 software and i was researching the net and i found 2 software one is lotto director and the other one is expert lotto. can someone please tell me which sofware is better to use for a 6/42, 6/45, and 6/49 game. tnx alot. :)

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Usually the software themselves explain the advantages of using their software over others, if you can't believe what they say why would you want to buy one of them? (LOL)

Actually there are many LP discussions about those programs as well as others, just enter their names in the search engine of this website and pull up those threads.

Good luck to you and welcome to LP.

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ok tnx alot. :) ill just do that.

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Welcome to this site.  I use the Gail Howard pick 6 System and it is great.  Look on this site for the books.  She also has a powerball book that is good also.

I have had several nice wins using her system.

Lot of LuckHyper

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I don't have much experience with lottery software, but I hope you find what you are looking for. I do agree though that you should put those names into the search function here and you should be able to find the info you need.

By the way, welcome to Lottery Post! See Ya!

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I believe both offer a free or trial version so you can see what they are like to work with.  BobP

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I use my own, so I couldn't say.


Lottery Director and Expert Lotto are both really good programs but Expert Lotto has better user-friendly features and it's easier to get around in than Lottery Director,I've been using lottery software since 1998 and have quite a collection so any programs you want info about just let me know I can tell you which ones too stay away from and which ones are worth buying.


ok tnx a lot. i just ordered epxert lotto and im studying its filters right now and alsoit winning nmber history. :)

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