The Economy and the Lottery

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I have been wondering this alot lately. Seems like no one I know is slowing down at all....

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I still play. I have just cut back on the amount I spend.

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I play the same as before which is about $5 a week. I would imagine the individuals who are cutting back on their lottery spending are probably the ones who spend $20 or more a week.

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I have been playing just as much.

Now is a great time to win the lotto. Prices on everything are low right now.

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In response to CowboysFan

I've cut back and I didn't spend $20 or more a week.

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In response to ThatScaryChick

Me too,

I've cut back and still not sure if I will increase it back to my original amount once the economy picks up.  I've saved well over $100 so far since I am playing $5 less per week and have not won anything.  that's $100 less that I would have lost.

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Working where I do, I have notice that lottery sales have almost doubled just since gas has dropped so drastically!


I still play $1 per play for Mega Million and $2 per play for Powerball.Thats only $6 a week for 4 chances at a dream come true.Cheap thrills!

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i can't say i really play any more or less but I do think i'm a bit more obsessed with it b/c times are tougher!


Still playing as much, but I don't play heavily on a regular basis. My play is up right now but the MM jackpot is high and I seem to be on a lucky streak with scratches.  I'm hoping the lucky streak will spill over to MM.

White Bounce

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I play the same amount, I play by subscription so I have already paid. I have wondered about renewing my subscription, but why not it's only a few dollars a week and someone will win; and it could be me one week. I don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, so this can be my little vice. As the revenue raised is public funds - everybody wins!

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since the cost of gas has went down. I've probably play twice as much.  Not even dinner movie in NYC though.


well im still playing but not as often as i did like 6 months ago!

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In response to mune4me

I Agree!Pukewitch U  mune4me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, 12/12/08 psykomo switched on my GPS and

set out on my Quik-Trix mission of going 2 lotto places

2 buy sum MM lottery ticket's>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!

Sum of U know that I like 2 buy at stores who R really

sell'g a lotto ticket's, as I figure if I'm  loading up QP's

then I need 2 go where the action I$$$$$$$$$$$$$!


My first 5 stop's were all packed and LINED-UP ^^^^

My 20 spent @ each stop was the AVERAGE purchase

of everyone I stood back of>>>>>>>>>"TONIGHT"!

EVERYONE had a 20 in hand and were getting ###'s

At the last (5th) stop psyko had 20 left 2 spend........

The DUDE 2 people ahead of me kept clerk busy......

He gave the clerk (2) 100 $$$$$$$$$$$$ BILL's!!!!

The next DUDE stepped up ahead of psyko with a 20,

(I could see he had picked all his #####'s himself!)

Psyko stepped-up with my LAST 20 for Quik-TRIX's!

EVERY PLACE I went today, L@@KED like the LINE"S

in front of WAL-MART on "BLACK FRIDAY"Bat

LOL>>>>>2>>>>any & ALL Lottery Post member'$


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