The Winning Ticket (Lottery Software)


I believe this program came out in 1996-97 and is no longer supported I have the registration code but do not have the program anymore if any one has it could you send me a copy?



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Try This Link

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I was one of the beta testers for The Winning Ticket.  If memory serves the password was "zeus" like the greek god.   IMHO this was Scott Piel's Lottoman sold to a new owner who was "going to make it work" and quit after giving it a new interface and stripping most of the wheels out of the beta version.

If you already have Lottoman, you have a fully functional TWT.   Does anyone know if the lotto649 guys have improved the version they are giving away like putting the missing wheels back in?


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As far as I'm aware,the version given away is that beta, no improvements, I believe LT from 649 was one of the beta testers too.



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