Pathagorean Square Method

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I ran across this method posted almost 3 years ago by a member who popped in and only made 2 posts before disappearing.

Now, what I have been doing is reducing the date down to it's root (the 23rd would be reduced to 5). In backtesting, this method is procing VERY good results with some exceptions: First, doubles are obviously a problem, and Second, what do we do about the digit 0? In backtesting I've been treating the "1" on the chart both as a "1" and as a "0", to get around the "0" problem and it seems to work fairly well. Obviously there are still some quirks to work out, but I figured that this deserved a second look, and that 68,314 members could work on this together better than I can by myself. Any suggestions or comments or observations?

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Forgive my ignorance, but could you explain this method to me in greater detail?

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Let's say today is the 23rd. You would reduce 23 down to its root of "5". Then, look on the chart and make an imaginary line from one 5 to the next 5 on the same line. After that you make your combos by making combos out of any numbers than run along, through, or beside that line.

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I found a site that reduces the day month and year like 2008 12 5 and reduces to the roots, not sure what the root of 5 is, not a mathematician here :(

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The root of 5 is 5 all single digit roots are the same. 2-digit numbers are handled like this 13 (1+3=4), 23 (2+3=5) 29 (2+9+11....1+1=2). You add the numbers together until you reduce it to a single digit.

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I dont get it, it seems like the numbers near the 5 would always be the same, what makes it random? What is it Im not getting, its very frustrating

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Try it on the chart, you'll see what I'm saying.

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I mean is it the numbers on the diagonals? the 12 5 08 or just the 5, the 0 the 5 what.. am I looking for?

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Is this the box you are using?


3 6 9 3 6 9 3 69

 4 71 4 7 14 7

25 8 2 5 82 5 8

 3 6 9 36 9 3 6

1 4 7 1 4 71 4 7


The way I read this is that you highlight all numbers adjacent to the date, in this case it is the 5s on line 3. You also go up and down diagonally as noted below with yellow highlighting.

3 6 9 3 6 9 3 6 9

 4 7 1 4 7 1 4 7

2 8 2 5 8 2 5 8

  3 6 93 6 9 3 6

71 4 7 1 4 7


SC Midday today was 681, and that # is highlighted in gray. On Nov 5 the midday was 978, highlighed in this color . The two #s on either side of  the date, the 5,  highlighted in orange are also usable in the system to choose your draw.

At least this is how I am reading this. 



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How would you find todays date? 12 5 08? I really want to know how to plug that date in that is what I am missing 1 + 2 = 3 5 08? 358? 3518? I still dont really get it exactly

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Should I include the 5's in my numbers?

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In response to SBIP$999

This is exactly correct......if today is the 1st, you go off the 1's, off of the 2's for the 2nd and so on and so forth. Don't worry about the month and year. You are only concerned with the day of the month (reduced to it's lowest root form).

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Whats your take on this? How do you seperate single digit numbers from double digit ones? Any thoughts on which is the megaball? lol

Does it work?

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In response to mdmegamillplyr

Okay, now I think I know where the confusion lies.........My fault for not mentioning this is in the beginning. Even though the original post says this will work for all games, I have only been finding this useful for Pick-3 and Pick-4 games. My bad.Embarassed

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lol wow that was a large waste of time. ah well Ive already got my lines of numbers drawn from this so ... wish me luck.Party

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