Scratch Off or RIP OFF

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There is a $2.00 ticket that New Jersy sells called Mati Money game #606 which has been around since 2006. Here is the stats for it,

On the average, better than 1 ticket in 6 wins a prize. In a game of 6,000,000 tickets there are 400,000 prizes of $2; 150,000 prizes of $3; 200,000 prizes of $4; 180,800 prizes of $5; 89,000 prizes of $10; 95,600 prizes of $20; 16,600 prizes of $40; 3,600 prizes of $50; 3,300 prizes of $100; 1,000 prizes of $500; 60 prizes of $1,000; 10 prizes of $4,000; 7 prizes of $10,000 and 4 prizes of $50,000.

To this day there has only been 1 top prize of $50,000 - 5 of the $10,000 - and 8 of the $4,000 claimed         I would buy these tickets 5 at a time and they don't even pay a $2.00 winner, sometimes I buy 10 and still don't get a $2.00 winner, so if your ever in New Jersey don't waste your money on these tickets


Yea, I agree. NJ scratch off games are pretty much a complete waste of time/ money. I like the cash 5 number game- been staying far away from scratch off games. Cool

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Avoid $1 - $2 tickets.  Save up and buy higher amount tickets.

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Try to play the higher priced tickets if your budget will allow. I almost NEVER play anything less than $5. If you must play the lower priced tickets, I would also suggest you buy tickets in the 2/10th-7/10th  range of the pack.


Just the other day I ran into a woman who admitted her "addiction," as she called it, to these scratch-off tickets.   In turn I confessed to being on my way, also,  to a sort of compulsion to buy these tickets.   We both agreed that they are a waste of our money.   Then she said something that surprised me:  She said that last Christmas she and her husband spent 100.00 or so on a box of tickets and that the entire box yielded not one winner above 1.-- or 2.-- dollars.   I'm presuming the tickets were either 2.00 tickets if she paid 100.00 for them  or $5.00 tickets since those were the ones she indicated used to be her favorites.

In addition, I probably should mention that I have bought at least four five dollar tickets in the past month, not one of which had so much as a dollar on it.   

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What we have here is a conundrum:

If one asks the folks that Did Not Win one of the Big Prizes: It's a Ripoff!

If one asks the folks that Did Win one of the Big Prizes: It's a Not A Ripoff!

That's why it's a: Gamble! (Risking your money on the Chance that you'll Win!)

You have to ask yourself: Should I take the Chance or should I spend my Money another way!


Yep. Just do the math and you should know never to buy those tickets. It's nothing more than a tax on people bad at math.


Of course scratch offs are rip offs! i hate it, its a totally random game!

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yeah and what I can't understand is you can buy 10 tickets straight and get nothing.  Every since NCEL started the Red Line Crossword game a new $3 game, I was getting a hit at this store almost every 4-5th ticket.  Sometimes it was back to back.  I had been going to the same store since it started, I've had a $25, $50 and another $50 hit on these tickets and countless $5 and $3 winners.  By the way it looks, its like I'm the only buying them.  The roll had gotten to the 60th ticket.  I won $5 on 61.  I have walked this roll all the way to number 70 and haven't hit on anything since 61.  I am determined to see if 71 has anything.  I am going to make it my last purchase regardless because I've won almost $250 off the roll of 100 so maybe theres nothing really left.

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I have not won a dime on that Red Line Crossword card yet!...have bought several so don't buy them anymore...and never won a dime on Let's make a deal either and bought at least 15 over a period of time.

The good news is I have won on Topaz 7 and Mega bucks and a few others.

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I'm beginning to realize that and am cutting way back on buying any.

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The odds of winning $50,000 in this game are 1.5 million to one....almost three times higher than winning a 5/39 lotto jackpot. 

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I agree.  Scratch games are awful.



I'm better off playing $3 each on four Pick 4 quick picks


depending on how the $12 play goes, the top prize can be $ 15,000 or more, or the odds can be

made as low as  1:105 

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