What's your lotto play style??

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Just to see the performance of systems people are using, with low/high risk with low/high pay.

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Low risk, high pay.

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Low risk high pay.

As few numbers as possible for str8 hits.

My predictions  do not show few numbers but my personal plays are as few as possible.

Posting predictions is different from my actual play. The winning number may be in the list I post but with as many people who view the predictions they may pull out the winner for themself. I post my full workout with no filters. There are times I may point out a filter I see for the players to use if desired. It's a tough call to pull the actual winner down to just a few predictions.

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In response to JAP69

Of course, the prediction list are for tests. Would you say your low risk high pay is a daily hit strategy or at least one hit per week?

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In response to diamondpalace

My hit strategy is to be in the profit zone for the year. My plays are not a strategy where I need a hit daily or weekly. Just profit at the end of the year.

Gambling for me is not a full time desire. Only when extra cash is available. Cost of living comes first.

Some days I may play just one to five numbers or there are days I may not play at all.

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At the moment, I don't have much of a play style. I have won more money this year then I have ever before, but  I think it has more to do with being lucky with picking the right numbers, since I don't use a system. I also don't play a lot of numbers because I am on a budget. I have a certain amount that I can spend and I don't go over that.  I have to pick my numbers to fit the amount of money I can spend. So, my guess is that I am low risk with the hope of a high payout. Honestly though, I just play in the hopes of winning big!

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In response to Guru101

WOW>>>>>>>how U do data GURU101:

@ the present UR winningthe POLL>>>>>>>>>>2

HOPE U win a JACKPOT>>>>>>>>>S@@N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pur psyko is still try'n D high risk>high PAY $$$




The only prudent choice would be the low risk/high pay.

The other choices would not add up in the long run.

I just can't see why anyone would choose low risk/low pay. If you're going to choose low risk anyway, why not play for high pay? That's like saying..."I'm willing to lose only a buck to this bet, but it wouldn't matter too much if the payout was only a hundred bucks, even though it could be 500.

If you had two hills and both hills allowed you to use a gallon of gas to get to the top, and one hill had a gold watch waiting for you at the top, while the other had a pound of pure gold, which hill would you choose to climb?

The high risk/high pay doesen't make sense either. In this case, high risk means more spending, making the odds of winning with a substantial profit margin unattainable.

An interesting muse nontheless. Thanx.

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I play the low risk / high pay for starters, then as my winning increase, I bump up the risk a little more for even higher pay, because of playing off the winnings and NOT my own pocket.

Until the winnings increase, I need to follow the rule of low risk / high pay.

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Polls Shmolls

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is there such a thing as low risk , high pay? and who would play high risk , low pay?

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I agree. Low risk/high pay is wishful thinking. You spend a couple of dollars and win big. This is chance game afterall. The lotto is taking all our money the last time I checked.

I chose high risk/high pay. Spend a couple of grand win a couple of grand.

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Couple of grand? Now, that's high risk high pay :D

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well it might be that A person might say I spenc 100 bucks a month and I win 50.........I spend 200 a month and I just win 50 back or I spend 100 a month and don't win anything back and then there's a month that I spend everything back that I won and have no profit at all...........or I average 150 a month spending and 2 months I win nothing back and then I win 300..............what kind of average is that...................????????...beaudad

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A. Low risk - Low pay        [ 3 ]        [7.50%]
B. Low risk - High pay     [ 18 ]      [45.00%]
C. High risk - Low pay     [ 4 ]      [10.00%]
D. High risk - High pay     [ 6 ]      [15.00%]
E. Don't care, I just play! >_<     [ 9 ]      [22.50%]

Interesting results. The logical way to play is indeed Low rish - High pay.

However, I was seeing if others are using a different playing method to collect small wins, in order to do this other level of risks are considered. This depends on the game type, pick 3 will have a different play method than pick 6 games. High risk on pick 3 will almost win while high risk on pick 6 will just be a small pintch at the odds.

One's definition on "Low/High" risk based on the amount of dollar placed on a set of numbers, and the difinition on "Low/High" pay is also in one's goal to obtain, long term or short term. Winning a jackpot is a short term, not a collective of small winnings adding up to big pile of cash at the end of the week/month/year. The difinitions are based on one's budget and their desired winning amount. Considering that there are some players just throw money and got lucky, usually its in range of low rish - high pay, for those lucky Mega winners.

A, C, and D are for long term players, those playing for profits.

A, and B are for short term players, for small and huge profits, but require lots of luck.

E, require 100x the luck. From no profit to huge profits, these players are usually new or does not have the time/energy in developing strategy.

Let's say you have developed a method to make profits off pick 4, however you would need to spend $3,000 per play to win $300, but you will never lose. This is C) High risk - Low pay. It is also D) High risk - High Pay in away when playing it for long term you will bank more, the risk is there, again you'll never lose.

My question now is, if you discovered a system for High Risk - Low Pay, but you'll never lose, would need 10x the investment to get 10% of the return would you do it? Risking $3,000 for $300 daily, 7 x 300 = $2,100/week x 4 = $8,400/mo x 12 = $100,800/yr

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