Predict where the next MM or PB JP winner will be from


That is, sold.

Use <directional> i.e. "north" "south" "east" "west" or "central" then the state name.

I only play MM, so I'm going to play the homer and say Northern Ohio.


I'll guess........................Northern Texas.

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CA.  LA to name town


oh just saw the local lotto is $45 mill biggest pot in USA at the mo.

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PB = Southeastern Idaho

MM = Northwest Washington

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In response to ThatScaryChick

I Agree!But I'll have to make that Eastern Washington lol

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somewhere midwest where the poulation is under 5000   lol

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Powerball- I am going with  South East Pennsylvania ( York County,ect)

Mega Money-  Central Illinois

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(PB) central kentucky-like in the hardin country area. For mega millions, south central illinois

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mm- va

pb- midwest

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In response to MmeFlorida

Dang...I was off by a drawing!!!! This area of PA is very lucky though.....


Second Jackpot-Winning Powerball® Ticket Sold in Pennsylvania This Month

 MIDDLETOWN – October 30, 2008 - Pennsylvania Lottery officials today announced that a York business sold the only winning ticket in the $58.6 million, Oct. 29, Powerball® jackpot.

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In response to MmeFlorida

Yeah?  So next time, how about predicting extreme Southeast, KY (Middlesboro) Or extreme Northeast TN for pb (either one could be me)  and extreme southwest VA (bordering TN and Ky) for mm ?  I'll take that next jackpot!

In response to MmeFlorida

Dang...damn good job!

Let's see who's right about the next MM

I pray it's Northern Ohio...that would ostensibly increase my odds of winning to only 100,000 to 1!


Bump because it's probably going to happen soon. We need more bets.

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I'll guess Tulsa, Oklahoma or a  northern suburb of .... only because this was the first thing that came to mind

Good Luck to all PB players- see ya in January!!!!!

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A small town in southern Denton County Texas. (MM)

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