what would get you to pull the trigger

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Other thread had me wondering what other ways are there  to become a LOSER  that would depress the avg lotto player. So i posted this poll. They're all pretty monumental , but  I dont think im that sort  of person myself.


Thanks to original poster for bringing up the subject.

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I don't really have "regular numbers" but if I had numbers I intended to play but didn't I'd probably lose it but if I was intending on playing some numbers there's no way I wouldn't, I can't really see myself going bankrupt since I think I've learned enough from my own mistakes that weren't that bad and the mistakes of past "winners" but on the other hand bankruptcy isn't always a bad thing, well unless you actually do lose everything, heh. Losing a winning ticket would just be maddening that yeah, if I couldn't find it, then I'm outta here though I dunno if I'd have the guts to pull the trigger. But that too, I can't see me losing a ticket since I have the same routine with all tickets I buy and I usually buy them where I'm not going to be going anywhere to actually lose them, they go somewhere where they're not going to be lost barring special circumstances. Of course now that I've said all this, one of these three things are much more likely to happen.

I'd be very, very hard to get over losing that one time, life changing event.

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I wake up every intending to be happy with however the day goes...

I have a great husband.. wonderful kids and beautiful grandchildren.

I love my job...(teaching)

I can be happy sitting on the deck with a cup of hot tea....

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Losing the ticket would make me depressed, not suicidal.

I do not play regular numbers.

If I blew through all my lottery winnings, and became bankrupt, I would probably have done a lot of cool things first. Those memories would still be with me, and while I would be disappointed to have to work again, I am sure that I could deal with it without too much trouble. I think I would still have my family and friends, and if not, I have never had a problem making new ones, so it would not really be that huge of a deal.

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I don't get it when a millionaire went bankrupt...that's like working backwards. I can understand the cause due to risky investments, but not for enjoyment like over spending on luxury lifestyle.


There is nothing that would make me want to pull the plug on myself. Unless i was being tortured by being locked up in a basement with an insurance salesman for 3 days. That would be

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I wonder what a shrink would think of this thread title and poll choices.

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In response to Coin Toss

rub his hands together in greedy glee.....because in some form or another..we've all got "problems" and he most likely could get a govt. grant to do a study on folks like us.

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In response to Coin Toss

lol coin toss, it says more about me than people here in LP. i jut added what i thought would be my personal nightmare results from my lotto addiction. After reading what can go wrong, i wouldnt like any of it to happen, and maybe the subject title was a bit over the top. But yeah a shrink would have  his thesis and a lifes work from studying lotto addicts.

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In response to savagegoose

I hope know one should pull the  triger for the sake of loosing. Life is precioius preserve it. This thread is very sad were you feeling down when you started this thread ?  You are admitting that you are addicted to the lottrey. This is no laughing matter please get some assistant and stay strong. Many blessing to you ! 

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hey im alright big, i ticked non of the above after all.  I think anyone who hangs around a lottery forum and posts daily can be said to have a lotto addiction , it doesnt mean they need help.

i should have asked what else would be really bad.


i  can think of having the missus divorce you and taking half, plus child support.

depositing winnings in a joint bank account , and having other half withdraw it all and running off with their lover!


setting up a trust account with a repected lawyer type  guy and having the trustee running off with his secretary and all your cash.



you real concern should be for the people who didnt tick non of the above but thanks anyhow.

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In response to savagegoose

What is that you talking about lawyer and divorce and joint bank account and child support and trustee running away with secretary and all your cash are you talking about yourself or someone else ? you lost me there. A a lot of distortion and  mental instability i noticed, if you say you ok thats all that matter. Good day to you . 

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I would pull the trigger if some crooks broke into my house after the win.

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In response to savagegoose

I understand what you are saying here but to me it looks like you would be more apt to take out someone else rather then yourself.

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In response to Coin Toss

I agree. Kind of a morbid topic.

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