New York $20 Scratch-Off ticket for $1 million a year for Life!

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New York $20 Scratch-Off ticket for $1 million a year for Life starts on September 2!

OMG!  Got to be the biggest Scratch-Off ticket jackpot!

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That is a pretty good payout if one were to win. But $20 a ticket would be too steep for me to play. What are the other prize levels?

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Oops you're $10.00 short the ticket price is actually $30.00. I can still feed my family of 4 for a couple of days for $30.00 are they crazy or what??

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sorry about that, $30 is correct.

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Eek. That is a lot of money for a scratch-off. I don't think I would purchase one of those. I could get multiple draws of hot lotto and powerball with 30 bucks.

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Watch an 18 year-old win the first jackpot.


I buy $20.00 scratch offs with a $2 million top prize in mich, so yes i would surely spend $30 for $1 million a year for life.  God bless and good luck.

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In response to DoctorEw220

yeah i was thinking claim the prize in the name of some new born. then I saw you say 18 and I  remebered that theres an age limit and they would prob void the ticket if you tried to claim it for  a newborn.


heheh 18 yo good plan

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Florida launched a $30 ticket in January and sales have been slow to say the least. It's just too much money.

In response to DoctorEw220

How about a 21-year old? This 21-year old to be exact.

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In response to Nino224

I agree. Too me, it's a lot of money to spend on one ticket.

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$30 ticket



 $10 x 3$3050.00
 $10 + $30$4041.67
 $10 + $40$5050.00
 $10 x 5$5050.00
 $50 x 2$100125.00
 ($40 x 2) + ($10 x 2)$100125.00
 ($30 x 3) + $10$100250.00
 $50 + $30 + ($10 x 2)$10083.33
 $50 x 10 (STAR)$5003,150.00
 $100 x 2 + $50 x 6$5003,150.00
 $100 x 5$5003,150.00
 $100 x 10 (STAR)$1,00025,200.00
 $500 x 10 (STAR)$5,00084,000.00
 $1,000,000 / YR / Life$1Million/YR/Life3,528,000.00
 Overall Odds: 1 in 2.93
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In response to JackpotWanna

It might be a lot of $$, but more than likely

i'll buy a few of them, If they come 2 G.a!

Just like any ticket price you never know!

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I wonder if you have to sign a non disclosure statement if you win. i mean what if its won in the 1st week of sales?


Actually you beat me to it...

Since you say it starts today september 2nd...Well there is one that has been going on in Massachussettss called: billion dollar blockbuster though different but a little bit similar...I was going to post it but you beat me to it...

check out: This one is called: 1 Billion dollar blockbuster...

it has 1 winner who wins 1 million dollars a year for life, 10 winners who win 10 million dollars, and 130 winners who win 1 million dollars...

check out what it says before each picture...It says: 1 lucky winner will win 1 million dollars a year for life...


and i know you are going to say: OH my gosh if someone is 32 years old assuming each human beeing lives to be 100 years then that person is going to receive 68 million dollars in his lifetime from the lottery and so is every winner? Well they could but think about this also something i've been writing for years..

The interest on 20 million dollars on 5% is 1 million dollars each year...And on 25 million dollars at 4% is 1 million dollars each year...So the lottery can get 20 or 25 million place it in the bank and let the bank give it 5% or 4% each year which will be 1 million and this will the players jackpot for life, but when the player dies the lottery withdraws the 25 million dollars and stays with it...This is how this could work...Not saying that this is how it works just saying this is how it could work...So basically the lottery will be spending 25 million per winner and not 68 million dollars...But whatever bank they use it will have to be one strong bank been able to withstand the test of time...

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