What's the story behind your LP name?


I've seen a bunch of interesting names here. Some with something to do  with the lottery and some don't.

Mine is Wolverine's real name from X-Men. I'm a big comic book fan. I also figure out he must be lucky because he hasn't died once (in main continuity).

Anyone else?


I'm a Nascar fan.....and my favorite driver is Reed Sorenson, who drives the #41 for Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sebates in the Sprint Cup Series.  That's where mine comes from. Wink

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A Smile For U!     Guess mine's pretty obvious, I love to laugh and make others laugh too!

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I spell my name backwards.

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The DoctorEw part is for my first name (Just abbreviate the word "Doctor").  The 220 is for February 20th, my date of birth.

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I was the oldest of six,and two brothers came before I got a sister.So,I was ALL tomboy and had a treehousewhen I lived in Athens,GA,so a close family friend nicknamed me Tarzan and it stuck! How many nurses do you know named Tarzan?  Green laugh

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From Wikipedia:

Uff da (can also be spelled uff-da, uffda, uff-dah, oofda, ufda, oofta or ufta) is an exclamation of Norwegianorigin that is relatively common in theUpper Midwesternstates of theUnited States.  It roughly means "drats," "oops!" or "ouch!", especially if the "ouch!" is an empathetic one.  In Norwegian Midwestern USA culture, "Uff Da" translates into: "I am overwhelmed." It has become a mark of Scandinavian roots, particularly for people from Minnesota.


I'm originally from Minnesota and one of my parents was of Norwegian origin.  I often heard the expression "uff da!" from the older generation.  I thought the id seemed appropriate for use on a lottery web site because of the number of times I buy tickets and win nothing, so in this case I'm using it to mean "drats!"

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I Submitted a system to the publication LottoStats in NY using the moniker MysteryMan, and the number 424 happens to be the best double combo in NY since the new drawing machines began.

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My name is Todd.

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I would say my LP ID is pretty obvious!

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In response to Todd

OMG the first thing I thought of when I saw your post was that TV show….hello, my name is Earl. LOL

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I'm RJ of Ohio

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rcb are my initials and I'm from Ohio, hence, buckeye, although I now live in Texas.

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In response to we;reallwinners name just demonstrates my belief that we should help one another WIN.............

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Mine is obvious. I was surprise that this name was not taken yet when I registered.

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