Winning "BIG" in Powerball or Megamillions

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So, after reading many posts on how people would keep their win a secret who may have won a huge jackpot. I have to ask..... Is that possible? So, cast your vote and let us know how that could be done.

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If your single i think it might be possible. If you have a family then i say no way somebody will spill the beans. Some secrets can be kept for a little while but sooner or later the cats out of the bag.

I'd like to keep it secret from the I.R.S.,they seem to be the biggest thieves to fear.Wink

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No way I could keep it a secret..Spend spend spend is my motto..

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As I said in the other topic, it just depends on several factors. But I do think it's possible if you make at least something that resembles a plan. Heck, you could easily keep it from family too as long as they don't live with you or something like that and there's none that know you well. One thing I forgot to mention before is getting caught on the security camera at the place you bought the ticket from, though I think a lot of people would have a negative reaction to a store releasing something like that just for the sake of outting the winner. Especially if they took the time to claim without their name getting out.


But to me, the biggest issue would be not having my name in the press release if I could. I know I unfortunately couldn't manage to keep total anonymity. But I could manage to at least limit, to an extent, how many people will be able to actually find out.


I would do my best to keep it secret.  I could always start a lottery club, but I haven't done so yet.  My family is out of state, but I don't worry about keeping it secret from them.  We're all pretty close. Around here, though, my home is still in my married name, as are the utilities. I'm sure someone could look up my address through my DL, but I would be moving soon after the win anyway. 

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If I wanted too, I could keep it a secret from most people except from those members of my family I am really close to. We are just not like that and I would have no reason to hide a big win from them.


Well if you claimed it and requested to keep your identity private, they will let you do that in mich.  And then told your friends and relatives you won oh lets say $250,000 they would say great and hopefully expect and or ask for alot less.  My family would expect something, and i guess that is okay for them but i do see most all of them as wanting as much as i would give and more.  Have to be very careful about how you help and why.  Very sad and i do love them very much, but i dont have to like alot of what they say or do.  Just accept and not enable the wrong ideals.  God bless and good luck.   P.S.  Wonder how they would respond if it was they who won millions and were able to give or not give to the family.

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I think it would be easy to keep it a secret,,,,, My wife and son which scares me to death because they can't keep a secret maybe my wife but my son I don't know he'll probably post it on Myspace and then the cat out of the bag....

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In response to dld1961

You brought up a great idea for me.  It would be hard for me to keep a secret about winning the lottery from my entire family because I would want to help them out.  But some would abuse the help.  So not telling them the whole truth about how much was won would be my best bet.  Ten percent of my take home (after taxes)  amount would be what I'd tell friends and family that I won.   My husband wouldn't want to tell anyone except our immediate family (mother/father/sister/brother) and then swear them to secrecy or they don't get a dime.  That option works for me too.  Luckily, in Maryland, you can claim your prize anonymously.  Now all I need is to win tonight's Mega Million to test this theory out.  Wink

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In response to dld1961

Unfortunately they only allow you do that with the state lottery games, not Mega Millions.


I would keep it a secret, i dont want people treating me any different because of the size of my bank account.

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In response to myturn08

Big house? Lamborghini? Oh no, you couldn't be rich!Big Grin

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Well, you know I admit there is a part of me that would want to go the next day and claim it ASAP exposure be damned, that urge would probably be hard to resist. But I think I could manage it.

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