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heres a dream i had

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had a dream, salient points where i bought a lotto ticket and decided to play it for the following week not this week.

it wa sa systems 8 that plays all combinations of 8 numbers. so anyhow this week draw the numbers i played came up.


in the dream they came up not in real life. it was rather clear, i was looking at the ticket, and at a display screen. so i confirmed again and again that i had entered in the wrong weeks draw.


in dream i clearly saw numbers and draw number but for lifge of me i can t remeber now that im awake any of the details


any how thought id share

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In response to savagegoose

To  dream  of  figures

690 973 637 195  9652

Good Luck!!!!!


Ga midday 397

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As you are the dreamer you have that information.  Tonight when you go to bed try to recall as much of the dream as

possible.  Tell yourself that you need to see the numbers again.  It is usually the case where you will have the same

theme and the same message  or some type of clue will emerge.  Also, the address of the store where you played

may have some meaning.

Good luck.

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