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Repeat position.. Observation: Take Note

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Observation of your state is the key..

What to look for?

Look for a position to repeat a digit..

Example.. evening draws




Now.. in most cases you can expect the 423 to repeat all together.. usually backwards...  or keeping 23 touching.. check your state..

Some cases.. you see the 56 in a double.. or 23 in the double..

Or in straight position.. $$$$

Example  23X  X23  X56  56X

Like I said.. check your states...

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In response to tntea

"Like I said.. check your states..."

I do.

hows this one

271 S.C. fri eve    27x  low even / high odd

470 S.C. Sat mid  47x  low even / high odd

BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT I was looking for something else today.

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will ya look at the r n g in tenn eve draws

sure had a run of high odds in position one there.

High odds in position one came mostly with an even nimber in position 2

Tennessee Cash 3 Previous Lottery Results

 Draw Date  Results 
Fri, Apr 25, 20080-3-5
Thu, Apr 24, 20089-4-8
Wed, Apr 23, 20089-5-2
Tue, Apr 22, 20082-1-9
Mon, Apr 21, 20087-0-6
Sun, Apr 20, 20087-8-9
Sat, Apr 19, 20087-0-0
Fri, Apr 18, 20087-6-7
Thu, Apr 17, 20083-1-4
Wed, Apr 16, 20085-2-9
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In response to JAP69

I believe TN is going to have 825  528 soon...  or  485   

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