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help with dream

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i dreamt that i was goig to play my number and i went upstairs and there was a crowd of people in a line and i spoke to a teenage boy and he told me that to play the numbers was downstairs.....then the police came and i started to run from them while they was shooting at me...i jumped in my car and left....can someone please help me with the numbers....for my dream


Hie there.. all dreams belong to the Mystical Forum....not the cash 3 forum... for future reference please post your dreams in the Mystical Forum...

Crowd: 305 603 306 037

Playing: 367 276 761

Numbers: 637 960 428 376

Police: 387 678 876

Shoot: 316 351 288 178

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<Moved to Mystical forum>

Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.


276 straight Florida evening saturday

316 boxed Ga sunday evening


WTG  chouquounette!!  Great job!!

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