i have a hard time winning can anybody who wins alot help?


after the 012 fell in fl what would be the top 5 numbers to play next? Would appreciate anybody`s help i have school fees to pay i dont have any the money borrowing would be even worser but from a dollar to a least $200 would be nice.

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012 comes from a small family. Some of its relatives are 130 from late chicago,955 which travels all states and 350 early balls. Distant cousins like 289 and 123.These numbers are a tight knitted crew so if one falls you will see others falling like stack of dominoes. good luck.If money is short pick one ball .Good things come to those who wait.Cheers


thanks for your advice lepricon2 i will play your numbers tonight i wish you and my self good luck.


can you help me with new york 945 as well?

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You might want to check out my thread(s) here on the LottryPost, Pick-3 for Dummies.

While I can't guarantee a win on any given day I do quite well on average from day to day on a few picks in the daily pick-3 game.

Check out the thread from yesterday, Saturday, April 05, 2008 in which we hit a couple of states straight and many times BOXED on just a few "Hot" picks for the day.

Thank you and good luck.

Michael J. Smith, Mike's Computer Picks / Quick Nickels

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Check out the various threads

New York




I will tell you this much, seems as If the over due numbers from last month are starting to fall.


i dont follow the florida lottery much, i see that they are totally diferent from the Pa lottery. In florida it seems the same numbers always come back just days apart.

But tonight i would play 307,

i think the 2,3,4,7 are going to be winning digits 

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