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NC. pick 3 good,till Sat nite

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623, 674,678,169,160,348,854,785,634123,670, 478


Hott!!!!!! 623      look out for 679.


   Goood........ Luck ! Doc'

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Thanks Dre...I see some hot ones!!! Good luck!

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Thanks for the post Doc, been playing that 362 for a while now, infact Lotto Queen gave it to me, also like the 123...but I looking out for a double soon maybe even one of the trips....GOOD LUCK tonight!!!

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In response to Dr.dre

I Agree!that 623 combo is BANGIN'!!!

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Thaxs everyone we did it box 623- 632

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In response to Dr.dre

WTG Dr. dre!Thumbs Up

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