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Nice Way to Start the Day


I bought $20 worth of NY scratch-offs on my way to the office:


(2) Bonus 7-11-21 ($2 each)

(3) Extreme Green ($2 each)

(2) $1,000,000 Silver Spectacular ($5 each)


Here's what I won:

Bonus 7-11-21: $7.00 on one ticket

Extreme Green: $4.00 on one ticket, $4.00 on another ticket

Silver Spectacular: $50 on the second ticket (matched 10 of the 12 Winning Numbers, $5 for each)


Total haul: $65.00.

7 tickets purchased, 4 winners. Not a bad way to start the day!


A lucky day to all!!!!!!!!!


what number ticket for the silver spectacular

In response to itiswhatitismc

It was 77.

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WOW WTG Craps! 


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Nice job! Thumbs Up


My luck has been pretty good lately. I was in a Pathmark in NJ on Sunday and I bought tickets from an electronic vending maching. I inserted a $10 bill with the intention of purchasing (3) $2 Big Money Spectacular and (2) other $2 tickets. I pressed the "One Push Purchase" button (or something like that), thinking incorrectly that it was for spending the whole $10 (and not getting change). Well, I next pressed the button for Big Money Spectacular and the machine proceeded to give me (5) tickets. The "One Push" button is for using all your money on one type of ticket, so you don't have to keep pressing the button for a particular ticket. Now I know!

Anyway, I brought the tickets home and the second one paid $5.00. I got to the 4th one and I matched all 10 prize spots with the winning numbers. The winning prizes varied from $5.00 to $25.00, for a total win on that ticket of $100.00!!!!!!!!!! I made a VERY nice mistake in getting 5 of the same ticket!


And the beat goes on...


Picked-up a couple of Big Money Spectacular (NJ) on my way to work this morning. The second one (No. 46, if you're interested) paid $50 (planet symbol, $5.00 under each of the 10 spaces). I am on a roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Coolness dude.  Keep hitting those big ones. Big Grin

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