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Another 'What would you do' discussion

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Coin Toss

But this one might be a little different. I'm putting it here as it could apply to any jackpot game, but granted a large PB or MM jackpot would make it a lot more interesting.

And no, it hasn't happened to me, but I'm just playing "what if".

Let's say there's somebody you play MM with, almost every draw...

And let's say you used to play two separate tickets, but you've convinced them to each play the same set of numbers so in case you did "get hit by lightning" and have the right numbers, you'd simply each cash your own ticket in to get your share of the jackpot- intead of scrambling to get a lawyer, form a trust, etc...

(Part of the reason for this is he has a very large family, and if we were in on the same ticket with him it would be far more than a three way split (my wife, myself, and him. Most of his family, if not all, would be going, "Great, WE won.")

So, just for grins, if you played another ticket, independent of the tickets you play with him, would you cut him in? (Jackpot only, lower prizes are an auomatic solo). There's nothing in wirting, and you know that he plays independently of you- boy does he play independently of you.

Just curious, what would you do - and it wouldn't surprise me to hear about folks here in similar situations.

I'm not talking a pool or any such thing, just two entities each playing the same numbers as to avoid a hassle.

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Coin Toss:

pac like that would only give my sun spot baby ..........excuse to go see her sister & believe me she would walk out the door with "BOTH TICKET's" 2!

believe me she would RETURN if the tickets were a DUD but, & always a

BUTT, the AMERICAN EXPRE$$$$$$$$ was a sure>>>>>>SHOT !!!!

NOTE:      several gull's R knocking on my door asking if they may replace the

sun spot baby...........butt, I keep saying NO<NO<AMERICAN EXPRE$$$$$



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THANK's>>>>>CT>>>>>>for UR another "what U do" DISCU$$ION!!

AS all of U know>>>>>>>sun spot left the PSYKO and took the AX

with HER and  by the L@@Ks of things having a very G@@D>>TIME^ the meanwhile, I've done the best I can do with

with what LIFE has TOSSED me and it has cost PSYKO money 22222

BUTT>>>>>>>>my life must GET-IT-ON>>>>>>>>>>> 22222


The BIG PROMBLEM I have now is to replace sun spot baby with ah

really nice GULL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>L@@K's>>>>> 22222

in the meanwhile, I will keep PLAYING the JACKPOT & if I HIT $$$$$$

I know she will come BACK HOME>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

BUTT,..........,I need to replace "HER".............ASAP!!!



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considering we decided to play seperate tickets, i wouldnt cut him in. however, depending on how good of a friend he is, there's still the possibility of generousity, but as far as the splitting the winnings? either i don't understand the situation presented or i see no reason why i should need to split it. maybe i'm just thinking too logically about it?

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Once two people agree to buy their own ticket with the same set of numbers they don't have an agreement to share their winnings.  It makes no sense for each to buy tickets with the same combinations if they have an agreement to share because it cost them twice as much to lose.

That sounds like the standard agreement I have with everyone I know who play the lotteries.  You buy your own tickets and I buy my own tickets and we don't share the cost or the winnings.

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In response to RJOh

I Agree!

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Coin Toss

To clarify this a little- we play the same ticket, but that' not what I'm asking.

I'm asking would you fel any reason to split a jackpot of a ticket you played on your own, in addition to this  "joint" ticket, would hit?

If he was in the spot, you don't know if he'd cut you in or not, probably not becaause he has a large family.

A little more info- he's the type that has to be "in action" whenever there's a drawing, and it took a while to convince him that a 5/39 $100,000 progressive jackpot or a state lottery pick 6 that starts at $2 million isn't enough to split when all is said and done.

He has a shop and we used to fill out playalips in his shop- but he always wanted everyone in the shop- no matter how many people there - to be involved and get in on the drawing. So now we don't fill out the slips in his shop anymore.

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oh so u play a shared ticket with him, and u play the same numbers seperate on your own?


If the amount of very sufficient, I would give him a little perk. Otherwise, no.

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Coin Toss
In response to savagegoose


Not quite, we both play the set set of numbers, he plays them, and we play them (as to avoid setting up a trust, legal hassles, etc..) and then we play "independent" tickets....

The guy is a good guy but actually goes into a "feeding frenzy" like a ravenous shark when the jackpot is up - I actually pray that if we don't hit it, someone, somewhere does...

He's the type that wants to involve everybody present in everything, and used to try and get everyone in his shop in on playing- it took me a long time to convince him that if he did hit some people who didn't play would then want to kick in a buck and be included in the jackpot -

"Oh come on, buddy, you know if you wouyld have asked me for a buck I would have went in on it with you"

Hello- he did ask you for a buck and you didn't go in on it.

In response to Coin Toss

When two people pool a certain amount of tickets, it's more like giving them a fair share if one hits on their own and this is where the problems start. They might be the only person that you are pooling with, but what if they are pooling with a number of other people; you might consider giving them half, but your share might be under 5%.

Since you haven't hit a jackpot, now would be a good time to discuss the "what if" with him.

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In response to RJOh

This real lottery winner thinks different then me (a potential lottery winner). 

The metro man who won the $135-million Mega Millions jackpot Tuesday is quitting his job at Ford Motor Co. after 34 years and plans to reward some of the friends who have played the lottery with him in the past.  I hope his friends don't get the idea he should split it equally with them.

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In response to RJOh

how come this story isn't on this site yet?

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In response to rubberbandman

Todd has said many time that he prefer everyone PM him about a good news story rather than post it in a thread so it can be shared with everyone so I'm sure someone has let him know about it since it's in several thread.  And when they do, if he hasn't already, he will put it in the news section.

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"Original Post by Coin Toss

I'm asking would you feel any reason to split a jackpot of a ticket you played on your own, in addition to this  "joint" ticket, would hit?"

No. Non. Não. Nein. Nyet.

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