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Degree of certainty

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Amazing Grace

If digit is missing

every draw counts as 3 so if you have the combo 133 and 276

6 is out 5 digits.

50% chance it will hit if out 7

80% chance it will hit 16

85% chance 18

90% chance 22

92% chance 24

94% chance 27

99% chance 44

99.9% chance 66

What does this mean?

It means for example in Western canada

digit 3 was out 60 so we were at a 99% chance rate it would hit.

and it did

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Amazing Grace
In response to Amazing Grace

So now in Western Canada digit 2 is out 44 counts

so we have a 99% degree of certainty that it will hit.

so based on that you have 55 numbers to choose from drop the doubles and you have 35.

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