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I Can't Wait!

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I usually check ASAP.

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Big Hitter

I only check my MM tickets when I hear that the jackpot has been hit. Then, I take all the tickets I have saved up and scan them on the machine at the corner store. I collect all my 0+1, 1+1, 3+0, 2+1 and 3+1 winners (if any) then 

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I checkmy tickets whenever I get the chance. Sometimes I do it during the drawing, sometimes it's the next day.

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next day first thing in the morning

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Next day first thing in the morning. 

I use to check them as soon as the drawing had taken place.  But Mega Millions is so slow to post any jackpot hits that I gave that up fairly fast.  I like to keep things consistant.  If one lottery shows them fast, I believe the others should be able to also.  But apparently that isn't the case.

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Often I can catch the drawing LIVE on TV. 

That is a lot of fun as you watch each ball come up and hit it st8!!!!!


a few hours after the drawing,i usually didn't have as much luck watching the live draws.

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I tape the drawing on TV then run it back and squeez off the winners..:)..Midday draw I have to look on the computer..I hsqueez off the winners there..It's simple..Just squeez and whala you have a winners..:)

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For the POWERBALL drawing on Wednesday night, I wait until sometime Thursday, usually after work, via INTERNET.

For the Saturday night drawing, I check sometime Sunday in the a.m., via INTERNET.

Finally, I decided not to check my tickets during lunch (while I am eating) -- because I did not want to either choke to death or have a heart attack because of the shock!

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I check it online shortly after the drawing and with a disappointed sigh, see that I didn't even match one number again. Then I hope no one else one so the "dream" can live a few more days. Crazy

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On our trip and back to MI the week before Easter, I bought tickets everywhere we stopped for the big games.

I am using Todd's search drawings to see if they are winners since there are so many numbers.


I hit 3 white balls and Mega ball from Friday night's draw.


Not sure how we are going to collect.

It would be nice to mail the ticket to the little waitress that we had Red Lobster.  She was super cool to us.

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If im up I check them right away, online.  However, since the breakdown of winning tickets are not listed until the next morning, I try to  wait to see if I won anything.  CA will tell you the numbers right away, but you won't find out about any winners until the next morning.

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Usually online 15 minutes after the drawing.

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depends on whether I get my afternoon nap.....11:22 is kinda late to be staying up after a hard day on the job!!!



Green laugh


I first check the next morning to find out if there is a jackpot winner.  If there is one, I wait a few days day dreaming that I am that winner (I know, lame.)  At least I THINK I have won for a few days.  LOL.  If there is no winner, I check them immediately.

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