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Early Birthday Wish For "BIRD"...


                      Happy "Early" Birthday My Dear Friend. You know, I was thinking how good it feels to hear that special laugh,see that beautiful smile, or just share your thoughts with the special people in your life. I can honestly say that You've been an amazing friend. I already know God loves me, and I see just how much God loves me "E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E", When You Say.... And then You... Because...and the way... ha ha yea me too. Embarassed  What a beautiful journey this has been.I pray that You receive everything Your heart desires... better yet, "I know You will"... This is Your Birthday Week,Please enjoy it...


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...very thoughtful of you unvme,

  but i expected nothing less from you. bird i hope u have a great b-day,and many blessings heading your way..your a great person here at l.p...hope all is and stay well with you and yours.


I dicovered Bird early on.

Enjoy every one of his posts.

Thanx Bird.

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Have a wonderful birthday and God bless!!Blue Angel

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Happy Birthday!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mentor, my friend, the GREAT ONE!  U.n.v.ME said it have been an inspiration & blessing to all who follow your post, your word, & wisdom!  One of these days, you will be richly rewarded for blessing so many with your God-given talent......May your day be as special as you are to the many that honor you here during your week!  I, for one, would love to pay tribute by sharing that $95,000,000 Mega jackpot on your birthday!!!!!!*fingers crossed*Wink  Be blessed, always.....

Much love, ALovies

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Happy Birthday Bird!!!!  You are truely the best. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day. 


Luv ya


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you all are too kind ,thank you all for being there for me ,it is a pleasure being here with so many like minded people (we just want the money)and I just want to retire.unvme you know how we do there is that special place where only we can go.afg310 who will i run to when the big one comes 75 south you know it!thank you thank you all be blessed

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In response to BIRD

Happy birthday BIRD, enjoy your day .

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Happy Birthday birdParty

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    Happy Birthday Bird


Many happy returns!


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Happy Birthday 'ole friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Party

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   Hey Bird - May the Dragonfly of Luck land right on your doorstep.   I do hope when I make that big trip to GA that we can compare a few notes.   Happy Birthday!   Jake

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