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Three ghosts dream. Help please.

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 Dreamt that I was on the beach and walking through with some old men and other people. The old man told me that with that beach I can talk to three ghosts so I didnt beleive him. It happened that same day when i was on the beach i turned round and i was talking to this boy ghost bout teenager age. then I talked to another ghost did not get what any of them told me. The last ghost was a female and I talked with her and I missed and tell her something I was not suppose to say when i got from the beach I told the old man what i told the ghost and he instructed me that I was not suppose to do that and to go back and make things right with the ghost or something would happen. I went back to that particular ghost and made things right with her and then she let me wake up. Which I taught I did but I didnt I was sleeping thinking that I was awake in my room walking around in the dark stepping over my brother who is on the floor. I locked my room door looked out the window then went to lay back down and thats when i woked up.

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Beach 380 6138

Old man 005 5296

Walking 880 4504

window 887 9560

brother 412 314 595 1870

lock door 131 2730

floor 604 8379

teenager 648 4678

In side looking out 000

Good Luck!!!!!!!!

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I just wanted to know if any one else dream about ghosts after 666 fell and cant really remember the details of the dream.

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In response to Reesas1

ghost 655

ghosts x55

i play 655 for easy pick  today and at night here in va.

it was anyorder same as box it .

goodluck to all a happy easter sunday too.

love2005 in 2008.

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