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Lottery Post now has Extended Validation certificate

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This week marked the completion of a very long, detailed process I've been going through to add an Extended Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate to Lottery Post.

An EV certificate is the highest form of security currently available for Web transactions.  In the case of Lottery Post, the certificate is used to secure data transmission during Log In, new user Registration, and on the Change Password page.  During all of these times your password is transmitted over the Internet, so the certificate is used to encrypt the transmission and send the password with almost no possibility that it can be intercepted.

An EV certificate's main benefit over standard certificates is that it provides visual confirmation to you that the session is secure, and also indicates that a very detailed audit has been performed by a security company to ensure the company you are dealing with is legitimate.

When you go to a web page secured by an EV certificate, the color of the Address (Location) line in your Web browser turns bright green in compatible Web browsers.  Currently, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) is the only mainstream browser that comes with support built-in, but support for EV can be added as a plugin to Firefox, and will be available as a standard feature in Firefox 3.

So, if you are an IE7 user, when you go to the Log In page, you will see the Address bar turn bright green, and you will see a clickable button in the Address bar to view the company validation.

I went through the process of obtaining an EV certificate (which I can tell you is not an easy one, by any stretch of the imagination) because I see it as another important differentiation separating Lottery Post from the "rest" of the lottery sites out there.  Lottery Post's ongoing mission is to continue being the premier lottery site on the Web, with the highest quality content, results, tools, data, community, and yes, security.

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In response to Tenaj

I Agree!

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And all the people said, "Amen."

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Patriot  for all the hard work U put into this great forum Patriot

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I Agree!  With all of the above!  Excellent work, Todd Big Grin

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Big Grin

Thanks Todd !!

Big Grin

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Cool! Nice job. Cheers

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Great Job Todd, Keeping us all SAFE on this website. Keep up the Excellent Job.

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Thank You Todd.  As additional info, one can also view the certificate details by double clicking the little lock on the login screen  in the bottom right, and the "s" in https also indicates a secure server site. This good for any site where security is expected as with CC purchases. 

Never can be too secure.


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I Agree!

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Thanks Todd! Good Job!

After we have logged in can we get a WELCOME screen like this on cave man butts! Hehehehehehe!


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