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How are Sums & Roots used for next draw?

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I like to know how sums and roots are used to generate next draw on 3-digit. OK 3-digit 424 (SUM is 4+2+4= 10; The root is 1+0=1)

So with a Sum of 10, and a Root of 1. What are the best predicted 3-digit numbers?

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Hello there MichDew, you can go back over your draws for the past months or so & see what sums are the most popular in your state. & by the same token see what sums are NOT the most popular in your state because these could be due sums.

Make sure that you write down the dates in which the above happens. #s can sometimes appear in cycles. After tracking the sums you will begin to see what sums seem to follow each other & when.


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