If you won powerball or megamillion

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If I won let say powerball tonight 3/15/08 and recieved 135 million I would have to help others.


Thanks and Good Luck  


I've posted this before on another thread.I'd buy a motorhome with a "garage" on it & travel.I'd use the "garage" to carry emergency supplies.When I hear of a natural disaster,like the tornado last night in Atlanta,that was near wherever I might be,I would drive to the disaster area and hand out the supplys to those that need it.Afterwards,I'd load up some more supplys and be ready for the next disaster that occurs near my travels.This way I could see the country and help people at the same time.

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Does share with "others" include my family? I have 8 siblings. They'd suck up a lot of my winnings. I'd share with them...but not too much.

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Share so much with family and charity and then get out of town and maybe country for a few years and enjoy life with servents...:)


Other than my immediate family,I ain't giving anyone cash.White Bounce

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I plan of giving some to my immediate family. Mainly my mom and sisters. 

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I would share...   share ... share....

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Ah, the usual 'what would you do' poll.

Your poll doesn't make sense to me because the first answer is 'share', but aren't all the possible answers after 'stingy' also sharing ?

You are pretty much forced to 'share' just because of the tax ramifications. 


Not I, I'm not giving money away.  If I give, they'll just keep wanting more.  Nobody gets any of my winnings.


Not only would I not share with anyone (including mother), I would not tell anyone.


Money is no ones business.

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I have an uncle that would get about half of mine.

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I have a small family so it will be easy to share. 

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sorry to hear this.

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You must be related to me and have the same family I do.

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I would not share it with family or friends. Not because I am mean, but because if I were to do so, I would first have to tell them I had won and that would open up a whole new can of worms. They would expect me to cough-up for everything. Some people think if the win millions, they think they can solve all the problems of their family and friends and they go broke trying. By all means give some to charity, but it would be better to invest win and use some of the profits to assist charity. A million dollar jackpot sounds great, but if it's not managed prudently it will fritter away.

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I don't think that a "Big" win in mega or powerball can be kept a secret....The word will get out somehow. As

soon as I won a huge amount I would disappear and send out postcards from spots around the world with the caption saying  " Catch me if you can " ....... . And I would help out people as I saw fit.  All while outfitting my retirement home far from those  who would try to take advantage of me and set up a new life living as simply as I possibly can. 

I think that a new poll should be taken as in : "CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET"  ?   If you won Million's.



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I think you could, even a huge one... Of course the problem is family and how you handle them, if one or two find out then the rest will probably soon enough. As long as you can keep your name out of the press release you've at the very least, limited the number of people who would find out by a huge amount. Of course living in the same area you also can't go nuts with spending either, especially if you're in a small town. I think family would at least be more managable (even if they're largly crooks) since you'd have a much smaller number of people to be on the look out for... Unless unless they go and blab to anyone who'll listen.. >_<

Only saving grace would be if you're close to absolutely no one in your family.

There's just a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. For me, the main thing would be to keep my name out of the press where it'll go online and be there forever so anyone could look me up. Try putting your name in a search engine sometime. Unless you have a really common last name (first name wouldn't hurt either) you'd be really easy to find.

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