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winning the powerball or megamillions

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Ok here's the reason I ask this question and did this poll. Me and some friends were talking about winning the powerball or megamillion and one of them said something about a guy he knew owed back taxes and would have someone else turn it in. Ok if for any reason would you have someone else turn it in, Taxes, wanted no one else to know you won, or what ever the reason would you.


Thanks and Good Luck

In response to dewman48

I think if I won the Powerball or Mega Millions drawing I would win enough to pay any back taxes that I owe and still have many millions to spare,so my answer is NO!

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unless the amount of back taxes is more than the amount won......whats the point. I've learned one thing.....Uncle Sam will get his share one way or another so why not just go ahead and pay the taxes and get that monkey off your back.

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I have an acquaintance he's like a friend but we rarely see one another these days he won the lottery for like 2.5 million he gave the ticket to his daughter to cash for him she did and he never saw her again. Never give a winning ticket to anyone unless you don't want it .

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In response to chasingadream


Besides, crack and meth and all that fun stuff is out there. You gotta cash it yourself, getting free of debt means just that. Now you can really enjoy life, no monkeys, no stress, no nothing!!! 

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Coin Toss

It goes beyond taxes. There have been cases where jackpot winners who were receiving some kind of assistance or disability had to pay everything back they had received from the state- makes me wonder ehat happens if they win one of the lower prizes, like $10,000.

Unless someone is in a state that lets you remain anonymous, I don't think you could have someone else stand in for you- a lottery ticket is a bearer bond - payable to whoever is holding it (unsigned). If it's signed, it's payable only to the person who signed it (as far as I know).   

Plus, in the example in the OP, trying to skirt around back taxes not only would be fraud but would jeopardize the winnings, a person pulling that kind of stunt may never get any winnings at all.

Would make a good "Lotto Darwin Award" though! 

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Nope. If I won, I would go and cash the ticket myself. I have nothing to hide and I wouldn't want to hand a ticket worth thousands or millions of dollars to someone else, hoping that I don't get ripped off.

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turn it in myself ...afterwards if there is a particular person(s) you feel that deserves some money from your winfall then go ahead and share..but it will be my signature on back of that winning ticket

KY Floyd

Sure. What could possibly go wrong with giving somebody a bearer instrument worth millions of dollars as part of a criminal conspiracy and trusting them to then give you the money?

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In response to Coin Toss

Let me get this straight...are there really people more concerned about squeezing a few hundred bucks a month out of the government in the form of public assistance or disability than just being happy that they won several million...thereby eliminating the need to receive such "benefits"?  Give me a break.  Kind of reminds me of those infomercials where the elder law lawyers are trying to help the very well to do have the government pay for their loved ones assisted living that I say just go invest in a quality long term care insurance policy!

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In response to KY Floyd

Green laugh

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Coin Toss
In response to OldSchoolPa


You're jumping to a few conclusions. No one said anyone is worried about continuing to squeeze a few hundred bucks a month out of the government after hitting a jackpot.

What as said was there have been cases where people who won lotteries have had to pay back what they had received thus far.

So let's say someone was getting a few hundred or maybe a thousand a month for years,  then hit a pick 5 game. It depends on what state they live in and other factors, but thye could just watch a jackpot go <poof>.

And, if they live in a state that has such rules, what if they did hit a lower prize on PB  or MM. then what?

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In response to Coin Toss

There would be  a few who would still want to draw that check each month and those food stamps.  They would allow someone else to claim so that their living off the government doesn't end.

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In response to dewman48

If I won the big kahuna, absolutely not.  I'd turn it in myself and pay the piddly taxes.  

But if I won $10,000 and just happened to owe $9,999 in taxes?  Boy, that would be hard.  But I think I'd go ahead and turn it in knowing I wouldn't get anything except the burden of that debt off my shoulders.  That would be almost as good as having an extra 10K in my pocket.

Now I know a few guys, however, who are so dead-set against paying the child support they owe, I can imagine they'd do anything to avoid paying it even if they won tonight's Powerball of over $80 million after taxes in Idaho.  They'd take their chances with fraud charges and jail time to avoid paying $20K in support to a woman they hate. 

In response to Coin Toss

I thought the question was about Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots,not pick 5,in which case a winner would have enough money to pay back any money owed to anyone for any reason and still have millions left over to enjoy.

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