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tungsten chef

heres the scoop..pairs 89 and 24 bring 0's. most of the time, not always(have to know when to hold emm..know when to fold em). can travel from day to eve or stay from eve to eve or day to day. so for tonight..heres my test...25 cents for 55 37.50 or 75 or 225 if it's the big triple.

states...missiouri day had 899

new mexico last night...242.

new york day..942(eve is due a 0)

north carolina..423 last night

ohio midday 589(they had a 0 on last nights draw)



dc last the 0...002..will it return??

western canada...425

using my intuition i would play the following ...

new and western canada. let's see what happens. 

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tungsten chef
In response to tungsten chef

western canada hits a double...440. nothing in quebec and new york. i ended up playing new york 50 cents and western canada.  most for 50 cents. wc i pulled out 14 combos i felt wouldn't show including the 03 pair and played them for 25 cents, just in case. 

3/14/2008 8:22 PM        0.50    149.50    Lotto W. Canada 8:50PM Pick 3 3/14/2008 0-4-4 BOX $0.50 ticket for $150.00 prize. 

the intuition plays...A profit of around 33$ so far.

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tungsten chef

it works for pick 4 too!!!...QUEBEC


Wed, Mar 19, 2008 8-8-0-8
Tue, Mar 18, 2008 4-8-3-2

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