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Would you bury a winning ticket?

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I just came back from the funeral home.

A friend, Sara, passed away on Monday.

Someone had laid a PB ticket next to her.

She was known to buy one ticket each draw for the PB.

Makes one wonder:  Could tonight be the night her numbers come?

Would you send a ticket away in a coffin with a love one?

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My Dad loves the lottery.  I think I would send one.  I would have it put inside his coat pocket though.  I wouldn't want anyone seeing the numbers. 

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Only if I played the same numbers twice,  and kept one ticket for myself.

Of course, if it hits,  I would not reveal the fact that the second ticket is in the ground.

I could see the grave being dug up by everyone in town.


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In response to Litebets27

I didn't even think about the other half would be loss forever.

Best that no one even knows period.

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In response to Litebets27

with two tickets having the winning numbers 50% would still be lost as unclaimed.

This whole thing does not sound logical to me.

This thing belongs in the mystical forum under the title the twilight zone.

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May the twilight zone would be most appropriate.

I just couldn't believe there was a lottery ticket in the coffin tonight.

I was thinking: "maybe someone should suggest to her hubby to put the ticket with her registry book in the event the ticket hits in a few weeks." 

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I think it would be a nice thing to do in theory, but if it happened to be a winner it would be a waste.

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You could try to bury a winning ticket. It'd have about as much chance of staying in the ground as those silver handles people used to put on the sides of coffins, or the bling people may think they buried their someone wearing.

KY Floyd

Even if the ticket they buried had won, they didn't bury a winning ticket. The better question is would you dig up the grave to recover a winning ticket. If you knew the numbers you'd know if it turned out to be a winner. Imagine you had just bought a QP and didn't pay attention to the numbers, then find out the jackpot winner was sold where you bought the ticket, and a month later no winner has come forward.

For a jackpot or 5+0 it would be easy. Even after digging it up and burying them again, you'd still  have a profit. Of course there's a very good argument that the prize belongs to the estate and should pass to the heirs (less estate taxes, of course). For a $10,000 prize you'll turn a profit, but it will be much more modest. For a $150 prize you might as well have just buried the cash.

Personally, I'm not Egyptian, so I'm not especially likely to send anyone on their way with anything of serious value. I also agree with time*treat. Unless you watch them close the lid and bury the coffin it's a reasonable bet that items of value will be recovered.

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Sorry you lost your friend, tntea. 

My answer is no, but it would be hard to explain without getting into a religious discussion.  It's just that I would see it as a sacrilege because of my upbringing. ("Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return.")

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"Personally, I'm not Egyptian.."

If you were, would burying a ticket & digging it up be part of a pyramid scheme?


Maybe thats what happened to the winning Powerball ticket in January in Louisiana.No one has come forward to claim it yet.What?

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In response to justxploring


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In response to MaddMike51

I don't know man, but i know what you're sayin, nobody's claimed it yet.

But this person could very well be a GENIUS, just waiting this long for someone else to win a big one, or close to or even high-records, is very smart. This person has a year to claim, and someone else winning a large one is bound to happen withen the course of a year, and what did this person win approx. 90 mill, thats nothing compared to 300+ mill so nobody would even care about this person. Or this person could be waiting for a big news story, which also could happen in the course of a year, either way this person's very smart.

I have a feeling that we're not going to know ANYTHING about this person. Now that's intelligence, and this person knows that PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.

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Coin Toss


"pyramid scheme" - you need to do stand up!


 Human nature being human nature, it would be no surprise if someone absconded with the ticket before it ever got buried, especially a live ticket with a$275 million jackpot.

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