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Question about Powerball


New to the forum if you can't tell, so sorry if this is in the wrong spot.  

 I was wondering if I could play and win the Powerball if I lived in a state that did not offer the game.  Say if I used betslips or something, would they let me collect?

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Nothing prevents you from traveling to another state or another country for that matter and purchasing tickets for yourself. Using betslips in the US will mean you will have to hire a lawyer in any case for any legal problems.

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I'm not familiar with bestslips or any other gambling services and big jackpots. They say they would pay you, but can you trust a stranger giving you millions of dollars if you won? Me, I don't think I could. And yes you can travel and buy tickets from other states.


I tried to use betslips and it would not let me. It said you live in the US and I could not register, so I assumed it was only for overseas. I am moving to Japan in a few months and wonder how can I still play????


Yeah the I saw the thing about having to be overseas, so I was just curious.  And I probably wouldn't trust them giving me the money either, I was just wondering.  Traveling for it is not that serious, I guess I'll just stick to  the Mega Millions.


And thanks a lot for the responses. 

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Will they pay off when the bottom line is a one hundred million dollars?   Why should they?   The just close up shop, open in two weeks under another name, and start collecting money again.  Should they stay open for integrity purposes?  HAHAHAHA!  They have an advantage.  They have thousands of people betting their own money, and if it hits, they get to keep the jackpot.  Not a single expense on their side, all pure 150% profit. Sure they many pay-off on the thousand or several thousand dollar hit, but remember, none of it is their money! They can afford to stay in business, until the big one comes along, Then Puff - where did he go, where did he go!

Give me one hundred million dollars to hold for you, and see if I am here tomorrow! S-U-C-K-E-R !

You are always safe with a state run oganization.  There may not be a large jackpot in your state this week, but there will be sooner then you can imagine.

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