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The POETASTER PLUS -Daily -Word 3/6/08

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last chance

 The word is   -  (Sharing)- Why is it hard for some to do just that. I gave Georgia the evening number (983) right from where I sat.  It feels good to give, rather than recieve. (Sharing), and then you will get what you need.  I know you may say.  Who is he?  What gives him the right to talk to me this way?  Once you have really felt the glory of (Sharing), you will understand. The kind hearts will say HE'S OK.  Some seems as if they have it all.  Going about life, walking tall.  Walks by a needy person everyday.  A turn of the head.  Don't even look their way.  They may think this is the way you surpose to treat your fellow man. Believe me, if they don't start (Sharing), they will see IT again. What goes around comes around. That is a true statement if there every was one. The joy of (Sharing) is second to none. How did you share on this lovely day? Did you do what was right to do, when the opportunity came your way? Let's work together to preserve mankind. Let's practice (Sharing) before we run out of time. Share yourself with the right source now and then.  Your blessing will be returned ten times over in the end.

(421 - 983=3/5 ga. evening str. - 758 - 943 - 334 - 112 - 550 - 000)  meant for all states the numbers I post.  I am new, I admit.  But tell me, why don't you let me know if one of my numbers hit?   US Flag


Last Chance aka The Poetaster 

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I see you papi, And "The Beauty Within"...

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Rubi 311

Thanks for sharing my friend!  Sun Smiley

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