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for the real clairvoyance and psychic

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let see who really  knows the midday number for  today in new york    and lets be real about this someone out there should know this if there is a real psychic or clairvoyance  out there that could really predict the numbers let seeNo Pity!Dupe Alert

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In response to morningstar2008

There are real psychics and clairvoyance here I'm sure but the information that they are given isn't always crystal clear. I respect them and hope you are not trying to mock them. While you at it why not ask for the Power ball numbers instead of the P3 Midday.

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hi jackpotismine i dont think that morningstar is trying to mock them maybe she looking for a real psychic or clairvoyance to help her in other thinks because i think she need someone real all i know that morningstar lives in the bronx ny just if theres is one they should try and see what is it she really need and what kind of help

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I think that everybody here aims to hit the numbers as much as possible using various methods. That's why there's the forum for dreams and other types of mediums like astrology, etc.. It just seem to me that it was written in a mocking or "yeah if you're really a psychic .... yeah right! type of thing. There are a lot of phony people here I grant you that but the real ones speak for themselves in the results they give.

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Exact timing and exact accuracy don't always coincide when dealing with psychic seeing of winning numbers.   

Suggest you enhance your psychic ability through routine practice so you can get numbers for yourself.  Only then you'll figure out how difficult it can be.

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In response to morningstar2008


I hope all is well.


You seem to post the same message alot any reason why?

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In response to chippie

Sad to say, but he's probably trolling. No Nod

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