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Will #'s 50 and Below Please list your name!

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For as long as I have been a member at LP, I never noticed the member number.  Then I noticed poster number 14!  It has always amazed me how she seems to know sooooo much about all the members here at LP.  Our birthdays, our joys, our sorrows.  She really looks out for us.  Thanks a lot member 14.  She will tell you who she is if you do not already know!

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In response to mylollipop

mylollipop -     Lovies


                                      Double Kiss 

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In response to mylollipop

Emilyg was one of the first.  For the record, some of us were here earlier then our numbers indicate because we used to be able to post anonymously.  BobP

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I'm 21, but I've been around even before there were member numbers.

I just happened to get this lucky Blackjack number when Todd changed the LP to include member numbers.

Blackjack! 21 again!

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Jorli D

Very well stated, mylollipop.  Emily is a very caring,very classy lady!  Thank you Em, for all you do! 



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In response to Jorli D

Thank you Jorli.  Love to all  Love


Blue Angel Thank you're special in your own unique way! Blue Angel


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bahama mama

Thanks Emilyg Blue Angel

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Em you are such a sweetheart!!!Lovies

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