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One Straight for March 174

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One straight for the Month of March is my run says it should show within the next 2 weeks..but just like every number you find..9 times out of 10 it will make a clean run but every once in a while it will pass its regular due time..this is straight and for midday and evening both..


If you want a midday number only I have a DEAD 097 straight for midday only I have been looking showed in one of my runs and still hasnt come out yet for MIDDAY ONLY AS you can keep an eye on that one if you like..

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In response to lotterybraker

Hi Lotterybraker, 

Excellent pick for March, I found it as 471, the reverse of 174, so I will be sure to play it both ways... Thanks and good $luck$. 

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Thanks for the advice...will surly keep on top of this one.


 444 & 814

Thinking of...

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