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Geographical location and jackports.

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Each time i look at the michigan lottrey website and look the winners, the winners seems to come from very small less populated cities. To be honest,  the winners come from city i never heard of and very less populated . I am trying to understand the trend behind this . This happen in your state let me know.   


Seems that way in Virginia where I used to live and in California.  It is strange since it is more likely a largerer percentage of ticket sales probably come from the more populated areas.  Someone in the know with the California lottery said the random numbers come from the terminal, so I imagine it would be possible to program an individual terminal to give bad plays (whatever that may be).  I can't imagine though they would try and manipulate the lottery.

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May be that the only way God balances the income among the cities.

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In response to dingo

Happy birhday in advance Dingo hope you have a win. By the way God bless you. 

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Coin Toss

Quite the opposite in Illinois, seems most winners are in the Chicago area - DUH - but that is where the population is.

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Yes, as Coin Toss wrote, the situation is just the opposite here.  Most of the year the majority of winners seem to be in Miami-Dade county.  Often if there are 5 or 6 Fantasy5 winners, 2 or more will live in Miami or one of its suburbs.   There have also been a disproportionate number of MegaMoney and Lotto winners in Miami, although it is a big hub for tourism and business.  The city of Miami itself doesn't have a huge population (about 350,000) but there are over 2 million people living in the general area which includes Miami Beach, Opa-locka & Hialeah.  (plus many undocumented workers, people living here on Visas and tourists)

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In response to Coin Toss

I don't know why I even bother to play ANY jackpot games in NY State as I DON"T live in NY city.  Seems like 99% of the Mega, NY Lotto & Take 5 winners come from or around NY city.  But like Coin Toss says that is were the most people are so law of averages says .... I Agree!

KY Floyd
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Peoples' memories are notoriously inaccurate about things like that.  A lot of jackpot winners live in, or close to the city, but plenty of them live in other parts of the state, too.


I would love to see a graphical map with points that layout where the jackpots have been won.

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the spread of jp winners has nothing to do with the lottery "fixing" the quick picks to make it an even spread as some people is a random game and the spread will be random...but chances are that most hits will be in places where they sell most tickets which is why big cities have more winners over time...many people also travel to a state close by to buy tickets (for pb or mega) it will say it hit in indiana but the person lived in ohio or similar...

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The Winners live in the Country: Work in the City: Buy their Lottery Tickets where they Work.

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I'm from London, England and I notice that the main winners seem to come more rural areas also Scotland and Ireland. Places where there is very little ethnic mix.

 If they do come from London, they come from the posher parts of London, like Ealing and Chelsea.

 Strange that...

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In response to KY Floyd

I'm not going to search for it, but recently an article in an Orlando newspaper, when reporting a large jackpot win, said something like "miraculously, someone won who didn't live in Miami."   Typical press release..not that 3 people in Miami won on the same night! 

TALLAHASSEE-- The Florida Lottery announced today that three players matched all five winning numbers in the Sunday, Feb. 17, FANTASY 5® drawing and will share a $198,646.74 top prize.

The lucky winners will each receive $66,215.58.

The winning FANTASY 5 numbers were:

02 - 07 - 17 - 25 - 36

The winning tickets was sold at the following locations:

Shop Mart Supermarket
595 Hialeah Drive
Hialeah (Miami-Dade County)

Government Discount - Quick Pick
3709 N.W. 7th Street
Miami (Miami-Dade County)

Sedano's Supermarket
831 N.E. 8th Street
Homestead (Miami-Dade County)

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Coin Toss

This is for the Illinois Pick 5 game jackpots paid so far this year. 

(Using Pick 5 because there is a drawing daily).  

Go through the thread and see where the winners are. 

Chicago explains itself, 600 (meaning 600,601, 602, etc..) series zip codes are the Chicago area and "collar counties" (surroundoing counties).

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Today I thought I'd check to see where the Florida MegaMoney ticket for $900,000 was sold.  I'm surprised I remembered this thread since I have such an "inaccurate memory" but just FYI  (just a coincidence, I'm sure.  LOL) 

The Florida Lottery announced today that one player matched all four numbers plus the MEGABALL® in the Friday, Feb. 22, MEGA MONEY™ drawing and will win a guaranteed $900,000 jackpot.

The winning MEGA MONEY numbers were:

05 - 08 - 16 - 29 and the MEGABALL® was 06

The winning ticket was sold at the following location:

Tamiami Airport Service Center - Quick Pick
13595 S.W. 137th Avenue
Miami (Miami-Dade County)

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